Bigger Problems In Hollywood Hills

C and I (played 10-minute hooky from work and) went directly across the street to peep the fire in the Hollywood Hills.  Apparently, it was worse–that is, more orange and more brown–just an hour prior.  Nonetheless, we were determined to get our shots and since there were no windows in the hallways of the building, we politely asked what looked like a physical fitness industry marketing company if we could “use their windows.”

C was tempted to ask the guy with the DSLR on the desk if he could take pictures, instead, and e-mail them to us–but we weren’t that brave.  Alas, here is the view of the Hollywood Hills from the Beverly Ones.  From Wilshire Boulevard, to be exact:

Fire in the Hollywood Hills

The little spot of white propped up on the hill is the “Hollywood” sign.

Here’s the view of the Hollywood Hills from … Hollywood:

Shot from her workplace's roof, courtesy of eek

You can read more for the time being here (  You can also peep my gal eek’s flickr set here.  She has a better shot since she works right at Hollywood and Highland.

No, really.  Have a great weekend.


P.S. — Okay, okay.  A few more, courtesy of roycifer’s coworker Ryan.  :)  The first is from Arclight Cinemas.  Don’t we all wish we had an ultra-cool department head who would take us to a movie on its opening Friday during work (this one being Blades of Glory)?  The second, I’m sure you can guess.

From Arclight Cinemas  From the sideview driving from Arclight