Don’t Drive Like An Idiot

This isn’t really a new post, but thanks to the suggestion of a friend (which confirmed a nagging thought of mine), I decided to make this portion of a previous post its own.  I figure, people can always benefit from personal accounts of seeing idiots driving. 

Drive safe out there.

As I was driving last night last Thursday night on the 110N, I saw an old BMW 5-series swerve in between two cars in the other two lanes on my right, then overcorrect as the freeway wound to the left. He careened out of control into the side barricade–no more than 100 feet in front of me. It really was in slow motion, and I saw the whole thing. He was driving like a maniac, and that was literally all I saw, since he came out of nowhere in the middle lane. 

Are you familiar with Formula D?  This was nothing like that, because the drifting was 100% unintentional.

The cars I was in the company with were all driving a steady pace and he was trying to pass us as the freeway wound to the left. It was late at night so there weren’t many cars, which I think was what saved us.

And then we saw the engine bay burst into flames. No one got out, and I saw alloy wheels off their axle with no rubber on them. A cop car was just behind us in traffic, incidentally. We backed it up to the nearest exit, which was Avenue 60.

Accident on the 110N, Thursday 4/5/07

I cannot stress enough to everyone to be careful on the 110. Just because you are driving responsibly on the oldest, narrowest freeway in Los Angeles with no shoulder doesn’t mean the next guy who’s passing you on the next wind is. I don’t know if I’ve seen another freeway with such short exits and entrances anywhere, either. Don’t drive like an idiot.

Okay, now have a great weekend.  Be safe.