Transitions Are Good

Been awhile, but I’m back! I’ve been looking at life lately in an entirely different manner and the process has been truly detoxifying. Difficult, but good. So I’m going to be honest and say that this first post in awhile was kind of hard to compose, but the process is worth it. Life is meant to be continuous and you have to do the work to keep the flow going.

Despite the fact that this blog is still only a few months young, I had the urge to entitle this post “Changes Are Good“–but I already have a post with that title. What does that mean?

I don’t really know. Except that maybe I am addicted to change. As if change were a bad thing. Another phrase people have for that might be something like having no focus.

I don’t know about that either. What if you just decided, one day, that you have been focusing on the wrong things?

Then changes aren’t so bad. Changes are good–especially if they are channeled in a certain way that result in progress. After all, everything is a process. I tend to think that the difference between this static quality of having focus and experiencing forward or even upward mobility is the openness to possibilities.

Also, the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

(Right now.)

So yeah. Transitions are good. Transitions to what–I have no idea. But they’re happening, nonetheless, and I’m just going to see where this goes.

I’m at a juncture again and I can’t help but be thankful that someone up there is really letting me know that He’s well…there. Even more than that: carrying me.

I’m not going to elaborate any further about the following except that I’ve been having some sorts of out-of-body experiences. The list below gives you every indication that I am going absolutely crazy–and I’m admitting right here that I couldn’t even refute that. It’s a list of coincidences. Might I also mention that I just finished reading The Celestine Prophecy the other night, which I thought a bit simplistic but put key interpersonal concepts in mass-digestible form. To sum it up, the gist of the philosophy is that there is no end to which “everything happens for a reason.” (Oh right, it’s the gist of the Scriptures too.)

  • My car fixed itself the other day. Sure, it had cost a lot of money to fix only a couple months earlier but without getting into the specifics, it had surely broken again. Judy wasn’t overheating and so I was refilling the coolant tank over and over for about a month before getting unlazy enough to take it in to Pep Boys. They diagnosed the problematic cooling system–as having no leaks. I took it home, and it never leaked again. The diagnostics fee was only $36 and proved invaluable as I received advice from the Pep Boys rep which surely saved Judy further damage.  (I know full well the same or some other problem could occur but I was so thankful for this particular opportunity to feel blessed.)
  • I came across knowledge of a mutual fund account the other day. I discussed it with my therapist later and we mentioned, if I were to give myself permission to touch the account, a potential legit use of the monies. The same week I watched Pretty Woman on loop on Lifetime with some girlfriends; at one point Richard Gere, while in the bathtub with Julia Roberts, says to her “I had to spend $10000 in therapy just to be able to say ‘I am ANGRY at my father’!” You can guess the value of the mutual fund and the legit usage of those funds we had mentioned.
  • I was describing to my therapist about how I got Nielsen and the fact that I don’t have to pay a cell phone bill for 2 years. Not only was it the coolest thing that I was 1 in 500 people in all of Los Angeles picked to do this, but this was also saving me a good amount of money over time. While I’m talking about this market research thing, my therapist’s cell phone starts ringing. She had been in her office for at least 8 hours prior to my arrival and it was only the 2nd time in her entire career her phone had gone off during a session.

There are more signs than would be tolerable to describe, one by one, in this post. They include notice of interest checks of investments I didn’t even know I owned, incidents of deja vu, connecting with chance encounters, connecting people with others, noticing several places I’ve been personally appear on TV not a week later and more. I couldn’t even list them if I didn’t remember to write them down in my journal.

I have had ideas but I don’t even really know what they’ve all meant. And then I’m reminded that this “life” thing is just an on-going process…and it’s all about the journey. Still, everytime it happens, it sends chills up my spine.

But these occurances are definitely food for thought as far as future posts. I’m learning how amazing life is with eyes wide open–and just practicing receiving any message that might be out there.