The Kitten Society Update

Last night marked the One Week Anniversary of Chauncey and Rufus meeting. To say the least, it’s been a monumental week of affectionate proportions.


Not to say that the initial reactions weren’t typical. As I opened the door to my bedroom–inside which Rufus had been shut for about 6 days getting to know the location of his litter box, food and water bowls–the arched backs and raised fur ensued. Chaunce got his bushy tail, and both kittens started their hissing. But their curiosity consistently overcame their apprehension–even for the first resident kitten of the house.

It definitely helped that both were young from the onset, though. While Rufus had only left the litter of one brother and two sisters a week prior, Chauncey is only about 9 months old.

What also helps is their personalities match. They are both alpha cats (Chauncey the dominant alpha defaulting by way of size and age) and ever curious, active, energetic and playful. Rufus makes up for his size in tenacity, shown by the somersaults he pulls when he’s chased by Chauncey so he can double-back with all clawed fours aimed upward in his defense.

But nothing really tops the soft, cozy moments like these:

Rufus and Chauncey

It would be a safe bet to say that they’re best friends for life. Although this picture makes it hard to tell that Chauncey is three times the size of Rufus, either has no problem going up to the other to simply start a wrestling match in good faith. When Rufus makes a sound, Chauncey sometimes backs up.

They follow each other around the house and it’s rare when you find one, you don’t find the other.

And then there are the moments when they’ll eat and/or drink with each other at the same time. 

And then there are the moments when they’ll use the litter box, one after the other.

And then there are the moments when they’ll groom each other.

And then there are the moments when Rufus will try to nurse on Chauncey’s nipples. (Yes, they’re both boys.)

C’mon, admit it. It’s cute.

Not bad for a week.