If You’re Going to IM Me Once Every 4 Months…

…don’t use that rare chance to communicate with me just to tell me that I “have odd taste in music.”

Unique taste, maybe.

Dark taste, maybe.

Good taste, MAYBE.

But not odd. I mean, maybe it’s not inherently clear that since I am broadcasting over Adium what track I am playing at the moment, it’s an expression of my individuality. My personality. In short, it’s the only thing I’ve got. So, newsflash: the expression of your opinion that my music taste is odd may not do anyone in the room a whole lot of good.

Maybe unless you get some sort of sick gratification out of it, somehow.

A question: Am I supposed to go jump off a cliff, now, if I can’t get my taste to be … what’s the opposite of odd, now? … common?

Or to match yours?

What bands do you like? (Wait, let me get a pen.)

And what is it exactly, that you know about the music I listen to in order to draw that sort of “odd” conclusion?

I also thought that was a nice touch, too, how you signed off immediately afterwards. Like, Here! A little zap of insight! And then you’re gone. I never knew what hit me with that drive-by – a gratuitous, ingratiating comment dripping with condescension. Oh, no.

What did she say about my music, again?