The Unwritten Dress And Sex Code

You can find this look at
but don’t expect to be able to wear it at Booby Trap

I’m telling you, the Open Bar website is a gem. With such important words like “booze,” “free” and “no cover” juxtoposed in each entry on the site – do you really have cause to complain?

They just don’t always know all of the ins and outs of the spots they broadcast. Like maybe that Booby Trap at Temporary Spaces (Normandie and Fountain), while offering a 2-for-1 Siku Vodka drinks from 10pm – 11pm on Wednesdays, is actually a night dedicated to the ladies and only the ladies. C’mon now – was I the dumb one for not figuring or reading into “Booby Trap?”

I’m not complaining. I mean, okay – we had a guy with us – but that’s always hot, right? Oh yeah – maybe for him, but certainly not for the lesbians. I forgot.

We unwittingly got there 5 minutes early like band groupies lining up for a stage front row spot. Of course, alcohol – not live music - was involved. “No of course we’re not alcoholics,” we joked. We chatted it up with the finely-dressed doorman – complete with tight jeans, slim-fitting sport jacket and spiky hair (spiked up and back, not out – to keep in line with the skinny profile). And then he asked me and my girlfriend’s sole male accomplice (@jmb_recommends), “You coming in, too? I’m gonna have to check if it’s okay to let you in.”

I guess that was a problem – and that’s how we found out it was pretty much “ladies only.” Not even, “Ladies get in free.”

He sized him up in his jeans, athletic shoes and parka and said, “Yeah, you’re a guy. Also, you’re wearing a camping jacket.”

As much as I love to hate on pretenses, the pseudo-dress code violation completely cracked me up. I could have died on the sidewalk laughing. I would’ve been in trouble if @jmb weren’t the cool guy who knows how to not take himself too seriously – but that’s why he can hang. We got the O.K. shortly after anyway, with a warning issue – “Just don’t bug out on my ladies, okay?” I think from then on, he kept his gaze towards the floor the rest of the night. Better safe than sorry.

The decor was conducive to the cozy atmosphere inside. It had a warm and modern kind of Victorian thing going on with dark woods and blue tints. I liked it.

The music was really good. I gotta hand it to DJs Kim Anh and Anon  – whom I didn’t meet but really enjoyed their turns at the tables. They really tore it up with great house, electro-pop and dance music. Everyone was pretty much groovin’. All the ladies were fine-looking, too. It was a really pleasant place to be visiting from the other team.

Temporary Spaces
5100 Fountain Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90068

Wednesday: Club Booby Trap
2-for-1 Siku Vodka Drinks, 10-11pm

Other nights: Temporary Spaces Events

Note: For 2-for-1 Siku Vodka drink nights, be sure to actually request the Siku Vodka (yeah duh).