My Urban Retreat at Hotel Chamberlain

A couple weeks ago I was at a media event at Hotel Chamberlain in West Hollywood. It’s a quaint little hotel just a bit south of Sunset Strip. Since it’s just a bit “off-center,” though, what they’re hoping is that there’s enough personality of its own to attract the locals – which would be the point of My Urban Retreat.

Normally a membership in the My Urban Retreat program costs $500 per year. However, now that it’s half-past-2009 the join-in rate is $200. So – what does $200 get you? Access to Hotel Chamberlain’s rooftop pool with panoramic, 360-degree views whenever you can get away.

Hotel Chamberlain Rooftop South View

On top of that, members enjoy:

  • 15% off best available suite rates
  • 25% off food and beverage (perfect for rooftop visits)
  • 25% off weekday rooftop pool deck cabana and meeting room rentals
  • 50% off overnight and visitor parking

Since Hotel Chamberlain is part of the Kor group, some benefits also extend to a couple other affiliated hotels. About a mile south is the Avalon Beverly Hills and Maison 140 Beverly Hills – where a 15% discount applies to room rates, food and beverage. This would be perfect for those Angelenos with visitors for whom couch surfing just isn’t cutting it, anymore (or maybe you especially enjoy the food at any of the aforementioned establishments). This discount also applies to their Loden Hotel in Vancouver. At Viceroy Palm Springs, it’s a 15% discount off best available room rates, food, beverage and spa treatments. And okay, I admit that the magic here might be in the spa treatments (too bad it doesn’t apply to Viceroy Santa Monica – for that you’ll have to settle for happy hour). Hmm. Plus, I’ve never been to Palm Springs before.

Unfortunately, I didn’t quite get to experience much of the food with which the discount would apply. On this particular media night, they supposedly served us food (fruity sushi – weird) that isn’t on the menu. As for cocktails, a verdict has yet to be delivered. The Electric Lemonade cocktail they served was tasty but the Pama Mojito drink wasn’t appealing at all. Hopefully they’ll fix the drink menu before summer gets well under way.

But you can find me on the rooftop of Hotel Chamberlain to do some further taste-testing – a mere membership was an appreciated “goodie bag” that night. I’ll be looking forward to using it this summer.

Hotel Chamberlain
1000 Westmount Drive
West Hollywood, CA 90069