The Von Bondies Do Viper

I think it’s time for a new camera.

I may go to a lot of shows, but as far as blog posts, my music mojo is a little rusty. As they say, writing about music is like dancing about architecture – but live music sometimes needs to be inked. It can’t be rewound, re-recorded nor can the experience be reproduced. It’s a new era.

I’m not gonna lie - I love that The Von Bondies hail from Detroit. Jason Stollsteimer spoke of Don as he sat behind the drumkit by saying, “He goes, ‘…'” and just then I was transported back to the Midwest. Y’see, in SoCal when you quote, mock or say someone said something you describe it as, “She’s all…” In the Midwest it’s “She goes…” Stupid to point out? Yes. But if you were from the Midwest, you would just know.

Maybe as a result of this tour, The Von Bondies can finally escape the shadow of (getting into a fist fight with) Jack White – because I think they deserve it. Their live show deserves it, because if you aren’t having a good time – chances are you’re a hater. Their energy, mostly carried by Jason himself on top of Don’s über-tight drumming, was vivacious and totally contagious. The girls, Veronica and Christy, were jammin’ on either side of the stage while providing back-ups – responses to the calls - and were a pleasure to watch and grin at.

Jason’s got jokes. And no place better than Viper to do it. It’s intimate. And he’s actually really funny – constantly engaging the crowd like the cool kid in class that likes to hear himself talk and it’s fortunate that everyone else does, too.

The Von Bondies got hooks. They’re not the most original but I don’t think they’re anything less than catchy, if even punchy. Just short of edgy – if that’s what they were going for. But I was certainly moving to it in my little standing square close to the stage, and my Michigonian girlfriend whom I dragged along was perhaps having an even better time than I (it’s the Detroit thing). I did notice that their style was more poppy than I expected – and I’m taking a guess it’s a result of their last record. No room for moody brooders, here. Angst-ridden, perhaps. Anguished. Jason belts and he shreds, and sends you home with a smile on your face.

The Viper Room
8852 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069