LudoBites For Lunch?!

Me, Ludo, Caroline on Crack at Domaine LA Wine Shop Opening (Krissy behind the camera)
Me, Ludo, Caroline on Crack at Domaine LA Wine Shop Opening (Krissy behind the camera)

It was just another ordinary day in Twitterverse.

I work nearby the Miracle Mile outpost of the ongoing food truck revolution. My target today would be the Grilled Cheese Truck and I would ultimately miss – thanks to their popularity and resulting 30-foot line. From what it looked like, the line was stagnant and my suited arse had to be back at work.

Aborting @grlldcheesetruk, the line is 30 feet long. I need to get back to my day job,” I lamented.

Krissy, a.k.a. Mrs. Ludo Lefebvre, referenced our lunch at Jitlada last week, which was organized by Jo of MyLastBite. I had played hooky for delicious Thai food, but also to pick my cat up from surgery in the boondocks. “@estarLA: I guess only @jitladala can force you into a day of hookey from work. :)”


Or something else that wasn’t in my wildest dreams available. I responded: “LMK when LudoBites does lunch then we’ll talk ;)”

Yes. Do: Let me know. And she did – right away. It was tentative but not expected, and that was enough.

FrenchChefWife came back: “That might not be too far off 🙂 RT @estarLA LMK when LudoBites does lunch then we’ll talk.”


The bulk of the news was exchanged in Twitterland, and to round out the story: They’re between two places for LudoBites’ next stint after Royal/T – which, by the way, hasn’t even started yet and has been sold out since last week. Never fear. They’ve been planning for mid-January 2010 at the earliest for their next potential lunch and dinner spot. Yes, lunch! Squee…!!

Bummed you didn’t get in on the sold-out In Bed Together LudoBites installment at Royal/T? Well this is your chance. And if you don’t work nearby, believe me – this lunch will be worth playing hookey for. 😉

I’m looking forward to the launch party on Friday. Krissy says she will be debuting the new LudoBites T-shirt, which “is very funny and semi-tasteless, but it is all in fun.” Oh! We knew that! What is LudoBites if it isn’t fun?! (Aforementioned t-shirts will also be available for sale.)

P.S. – Culver City would be peachy. Kthx.

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(All 13 dates sold out)

December 2-4, 9-10,13-17, 20-22; 2009

LudoBites: In Bed Together with Royal/T
8910 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232-2326