All the Indulgences at Petrossian’s Industry Night

Pork Belly Slider
Pork Belly Slider with Carmelized Onions

On my first visit to Petrossian on Robertson, the famed boutique of renowned caviar and a one-stop-spot for diners with tastes more sophisticated than and unfazed by the star power of The Ivy, it happened to be Industry Night. It was a night meant to familiarize Petrossian with the heavyweights in the LA culinary scene and I was happy to crash the party.

Butternut Squash Soup with Chestnuts & Pecans
Butternut Squash Soup with Chestnuts & Pecans

It was a long-overdue visit: My taste buds would no longer be tantalized but titillated and everything Chef Benjamin Bailly sent out from the kitchen would do just the trick. A perfectly floral and barely-sweet hibiscus champagne helped wash down the sliders and soups – and yes, the hibiscus at the end was delicious, thankyouverymuch. Sweet pork sliders with carmelized onions were alternated with juicy cheeseburger sliders; you just had to have both. The tiny butternut squash soups had chestnuts, pecans – and of course, bacon – in it, and while I have had many butternut squash soups, this had to have been one of my favorites (my other favorite is from Neal Fraser’s Grace Restaurant). Next time, I’m getting a full order.

Hibiscus Champagne

There were other classics like the bacon-wrapped date and a gazpacho, the latter’s consistency of which left me curious (you need a spoon). But when the dessert came out – a strawberry cobbler topped with pistachios, I was in heaven!!

And talk about “industry night” – there was no shortage of familiar faces. My Last Bite (Petrossian coverage), Hanhonymous, Daily Wine, Social Domain, JoAnn Cianciulli and Maya of ShopEatsleep were all on hand to experience Petrossian.

I was lucky enough to follow Chef Benjamin Bailly into the kitchen and try mother of pearl spoonfuls of absolutely luxurious caviar, including a kind that literally melted in my mouth. Do want (my own)! I’ve also yet to try selections displayed in their case up front – which included beautiful chocolates and desserts all elegantly presented. But of course – I’ll be back, industry night or not!

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Petrossian Restaurant & Boutique
(one block north of Beverly Blvd)
321 N. Robertson Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90048


Maya, Lisa, Jo & Hanh