Favorite Dish: Beet Salad to the Heavens at Whist, The Viceroy

Beet Salad | Hazelnuts, Baby Lettuce, Truffle Panna Cotta

When I see “beet salad” on the menu, I’m not expecting anything particularly revolutionary. I do like a beet in time, however; bring it to me via borsht or even cocktail. The bloody beetroot is vivacious in color and taste. The veggie stands on its own and well, you might have to try extra hard to screw that up.

But none of that really takes away from the heavenly experience I had devouring Chef Tony DiSalvo’s version. I call it a mashup. He adds hazelnuts – a decidedly rich choice and an upgrade from your typical walnuts. And no, that is not feta or goat cheese. That is truffle panna cotta - the creamy, decadent umami to the dish which surprisingly doesn’t overpower.  The baby lettuce used is more of a vessel for all these pickled, sweet and rich flavors, taking the place of your usual, bitter mixed greens like arugula and escarole.

And the beets. They are alternatingly roasted and pickled, and are all deliciously left as the centerpiece of the salad.

Yeah, I just described salad. I can hardly believe it, myself. This is one of those dishes (in addition to the perfect meatballs – but more on that, later) that just proves that Chef DiSalvo’s cooking is underrated. There are gems scattered throughout the menu, and the beet salad is just a teaser.

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