Food Trend: Bone Luging Is Actually Delicious

Step 3: Bone Luge (by Robbie)

Bone Luging. Have you heard of it? Maybe you have, and maybe you haven’t, but I’m confident in saying it’s the latest, hottest thing in food-cocktail trends.

Step 1: Consume bone marrow

I take food seriously. I take cocktails seriously. Food trends? Not so much. Let’s not confuse them. But I don’t take myself so seriously as to say that I’m so above any phenomenon without closer examination.

The process is simple: Order bone marrow. Eat bone marrow and leave the bone. Take one shot of desired spirit (a fellow bone luger helps here) and pour down the channel of the hollow bone while your mouth hangs eagerly on the opposite side of the “luge.” (The shot picks up the flavors of the bone during its travels.) Enjoy.

A trend that has arisen a few months ago (yes, it’s that “stale” already) out of Jacob Grier’s Portland, bone luging was something that intrigued me because: 1) I love bone marrow. And while I still have a few food-curious friends who are getting acclimated to the idea of it, I always have enjoyed those umami scoops of that gelatinous center. Yes – even without the crostini. 2) I love shots of (key:) good spirits. Okay, or fortified wine, if you want to get technical with me, here.

Add to the above: The combination of a quality, well-paired spirit with unctuous bone marrow has to be greater than the sum of its parts, no? I guess there will always be the eye rolling haters detractors. And there are the curious mainstream. The health proponents and enthusiasts. And of course, there will be the fanatics and the pros.

Step 2: Pour shots of desired sherry

As they say: Don’t knock it without trying it. And I did, on my recent stint to that other city over there on that other coast – at Prime Meats, one of my favorite restaurants, no less. And it was delicious. I believe the key factor in bone luging being classified as an all-out fad vs. arguable trend is which spirit/wine is used in the shot. Thankfully I was in good hands, as Sother Teague (@creativedrunk) poured shots of Oloroso Sherry for my friend Robbie and I to luge with. As Sother explained, since sherry is closer to a wine, it’s sweeter and better than using a really brash spirit because it works well with the unctious bone marrow taste. And I have to say, the bone marrow really added some fatty finesse to that shot.

So where can you bone luge in Los Angeles, fearless readers? Bar | Kitchen in Downtown LA. (You can spy Daniel of Thirsty in LA, Chris Bostick of The Varnish and Zara of Providence doing “Fertreuse” luges here – that is, with Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project 131 & 132, Fernet & Angostoura shots.) If you don’t mind guiding your bartender and accompanying kitchen, maybe even try Lexington Social House – or if you’re brave, Wolfgang Puck’s CUT, which is known for some of the best bone marrow in the city. Bone luging is for the brave, not for the shy, because there will be lots of attention and questions! If you’re lucky, you’ll get the disgusted looks.

I’m sold on the novelty. Not so much the tequila bone luge shot, though I haven’t tried it yet. And yes, it’s a novelty, because I’m not about to get mad at a cocktail bar because its kitchen doesn’t serve bone marrow. Just make sure you’ve got the right shot, and if you enjoyed eating the bone marrow in the first place and step, the luge action may make your selection a shot of heaven.

Past coverage: Brooklyn, NY: Prime Meats is Simply Divine

Bar | Kitchen at O Hotel
819 S Flower St
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Prime Meats
465 Court St
Brooklyn, NY 11231

10 thoughts on “Food Trend: Bone Luging Is Actually Delicious

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Fertreuse simply Fernet & chartreuse? I don’t think Bourbon is part of the equation.

    I’ll have to try sherry for my next luge!

  2. @TreasureLA – That makes total sense…and I thought the same thing as I was copying from a particular tweet. (That *did* sound like a complicated shot, didn’t it?) And just NOW realized I had mistaken the whole thing for the shot! Thanks for the correction! :)

  3. Yup. Fertreuse = Fernet + Chartreuse. The tradition bone luge is with sherry, the original bone luge is with tequila, and my favorite bone luge is with an amaro. The rule of thumb: if it you like it in a flip, you’ll like it in a luge.

  4. beb, we just did a bitter/bone luge night where we coated the bone marrow in diff miracle mile bitters and then poured the alki. the best was “damn you matt wallace” bitters with a shot of mezcal vida!!! (although in all honesty, i dont think im much a fan of the bone luge thing. i wanted to try it and so i did but now that i have, once is enough for me!)

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