Esther, referred to as e*star, works with money by day and food, cocktails and beer by night. Get a live feed of all this craziness through her Twitter and Instagram (follow her!). Hailing from suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she is a Midwestern girl at heart while currently living and loving the city life of Los Angeles she was always meant to live – even if that also means sorting through the corresponding sprawl. She has now considered herself a bonafide Angeleno for over a decade.

Esther counters all the calories she eats by snowboarding; practicing Pilates; spinning; riding her vintage, 1960’s one-speed bike around Los Feliz, Hollywood and Silver Lake; riding the Metro (yes! L.A. does have a subway!); driving stick in L.A. traffic and tweeting. Her home mountain is Mammoth, to which she has a season pass. Esther is part of the Mosaic community. She loves professional football, particularly the Green Bay Packers.

A few ground rules about L.A.:

Rufus, Editor
  1. L.A. is a terrible thing to waste. It’s a really popular yet shortsighted thing to do by those in other cities (unhappy, exiled, ex-pat New Yorkers and inferiority complexed Angelenos, alike) to trash L.A., dismissing our culture as vapid due to Hollywood or hippie stereotypes, and she’s not here to convince you otherwise. Instead, she’s here to help you navigate all the great things to eat and do, while addressing the caveats that go with them. Which leads us to…
  2. Do not ask, “What’s the best restaurant in L.A.?” That is the wrong question – one meant to substitute a dozen unaddressed ones. How much do you – or don’t you – want to spend? Will you be local to one neighborhood or which neighborhood will you be coming from and where do you aim to go, after? Do you have dietary restrictions or ethnic food preferences? How food adventurous are you, or aren’t you? What day is it? What time of day is it? Esther will try her best to point you in the right direction after squaring away a few variables such as neighborhood, operating hours, traffic, budget (time & money), diet, etc. She will not posit to know everything about everything in L.A. because she has too much respect for its large and ever-changing landscape.

She contributes to Serious Eats: Drinks, LAist, the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention BoardTime Out Los Angeles, Visit West HollywoodEater LA, Blackboard Eats, and more. Contact her below if you are interested in enlisting her as a freelance writer.

Calling herself “e*star,” as in this blog, is her endearing way of fleshing out her father’s way of pronouncing her name. To read more mentions of Esther around the web, feel free to peruse her Press page.

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