Blogger Prom Redux: Hollywood Confidential Glamourous

Blogger Prom Committee - Credit Heather Kincaid

I’ve been kind of busy these past few months. It all culminated a week ago at Yamashiro, atop the Hollywood hill that also hosts The Magic Castle. Indeed, it really was magical. All the hard work really paid off – at least from where we were standing. And it was fun to celebrate a culture that only continues to influence as well as permeate our urban lifestyle in Los Angeles. We tried to celebrate that in the best way we know how.

Credit - Heather Kincaid

With last year being an inaugural success, the Blogger Prom Committee and I had a solid boiler plate to improve upon for this year. While it was fun to recreate the ’80s, we knew that we wanted to keep things interesting and change it up. So, we decided to go even further back in time and a tad more grown-up. OK, maybe a lot more grown-up – as in glamorous Hollywood. We became inspired by a particular Los Angeles-specific movie chronicling crime, press and celebrity in the ’30s and ’40s; our theme was Hollywood Confidential. Fortunately, we also had the setting that would be the perfect backdrop for our theme – Yamashiro. Their team was an absolute dream to work with throughout the entire process, displaying the utmost in professionality and hospitality. I would recommend Yamashiro to anyone looking for a place to hold a high class event.

Chef Brock's tacos

…And the food! Who could forget the food? Chef Brock of Yamashiro brought his famous Garden Market tacos to the event as well as unveiled a brand new one incorporating Brock Family Farms’ sausage. They were delicious and perfectly complemented by his als0-famous wasabi guacamole and chips. Passed YamaBites were plentiful and guests enjoyed Asian-style ribs, albacore with jalapeno on fried crackers and more. We had Barrie Lynn, the Cheese Impresario, return from last year and educate us on the wonders of Wisconsin cheese. It is always a joy to have her and as a cheese fanatic, myself, I couldn’t be happier she was there. We also had amazing chocolates from Chocolate Box Cafe and Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches where you could customize your own sandwich.

Last year, it was an amazing thing to flex our star power and experience first-hand just what muscle L.A. bloggers have as influencers on our city. This year, we wanted to take it to another level and give back not only to bloggers but also to our community. And so, thanks to Blogger Prom Committee for taking on my suggestion of benefiting Operation Frontline Los Angeles. I became inspired by their ground-up approach to cooking and nutrition by providing classes to those who would otherwise not have access to these invaluable tools. (You can still donate to Operation Frontline Los Angeles here.) Admission to our closed event required a $10 donation to OFL, with Goldstar so graciously providing the donation ticketing. We ended up raising $2400 for the program. I’m proud that with all our resources, we could put on such a great event while benefiting a great cause.

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Glam It Up: Hollywood Confidential Blogger Prom On September 22, 2010

Your Hollywood Confidential Blogger Prom View

This is the big announcement, folks!! Blogger Prom Redux has taken on a glamourous theme, officially dubbed “Hollywood Confidential.” And we have secured just the place – atop a historic hill in a town you may have heard of before. So if you were worried that maybe we wouldn’t have managed to match the view from the astounding success that was last year’s Blogger Prom, rest assured! Mark it down for September 22, 2010 – that is, if you happen to be so lucky as to be on the list.

Photoshop me a halo | Photography by Caroline on Crack

The Blogger Prom Committee decided to play up the rich history of the city and we are SO excited. Stay tuned for more posts on the storied, haunted history of our venue, Yamashiro Restaurant. And there will also be details regarding dress code, signature cocktails, sponsors, raffle, and new for this year: A benefitting non-profit organization – whom we are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with. We’ve decided to step it up this year not only with our spectacular, theme-specific venue, but also to blog for good. (The 80’s are so … 2009.)

I cannot wait to glam it up with everyone on September 22! This party is for you, the influencers of our city – so stay tuned for all the exciting details to be rolled out in the next couple months! And these will be the people behind the scenes – I love these guys:

See you in September. Because bloggers are the new gangsters.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

7 – 10 PM

Official Blogger Prom Blog

1999 N. Sycamore Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90068-3782

Blogger Prom Started Out As a Joke

You wouldn’t have known it, but we had just tasted Macallan 10 year Fine Oak as well as 18 year Sherry Oak and they may have very well been a source of inspiration. I put together a tasting thanks to Macallan’s PR company in Manhattan and invited some friends and bloggers (some of whom couldn’t make it but mostly everyone on Blogger Prom Committee were invited) to partake in the joy that is single-malt scotch. But I was glad Caroline on Crack, H.C. of LA OC Foodie, Julie Wolfson of LAist and Maya of ShopEatSleep were able to be there. The tasting was a really enjoyable and even educational experience.

But we weren’t done yet. We left The Viceroy for the Phoenix-based La Grande Orange, which coincidentally was having its soft opening the very same night across the street at their Santa Monica mainstay.


My non-blogging friends went home and fellow bloggers (plus captainsean) and I had decided to stay. We were waiting for our 6-person table while giddy on fine spirit. The topic of high school, formals and ultimately prom came up and how important that rite of passage was – at the time – for us. Well, and how silly it seems now that we look back. The truth is, I had never been to prom. As far as formals, I had been to one homecoming in high school. What a geeky time in my life – which I am sure is what most say. I had limited interaction with my peers outside of school due to overprotective parents. Recollecting on that, I remarked how fun it would be to do it over again the way we wanted with “just us nerdy bloggers.”

I continued in my comic relief: We’d dress up in sea green and salmon cummerbunds, matching dresses, corsages, boutonnières and dyed-to-match satin shoes. We’d take funny prom photos, complete with guy standing behind girl and hands clasped in front. Braces showing and bangs sprayed to stand straight up. We all laughed at the idea. Exactly how much fun would that be?! Silly bloggers!

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Because Your DD Needs a Break: Blogger Prom Rate at The Andaz WeHo

AS IF there weren’t enough to get all Blogger Prom attendees excited about our special night – now there’s incentive to not have to worry about getting home at the end of the night.

No, I won’t mention that there’s two signature cocktails and three sponsored spirits plus beer and wine that you weren’t legally allowed to drink during that other prom. I also won’t mention that Tommy’s mom – the one who kept sending you to the principal’s office – won’t be there to chaperone.

But what I will say is that all Blogger Prom attendees will be given a deep discount and be able to book one of Andaz West Hollywood‘s fabulous rooms this night (Wednesday, July 22) for $150. To top it all off, they will include a $50 credit to RH restaurant as part of the deal. Wow!

To make a reservation, all you have to do is call Andaz West Hollywood at 1-800-233-1234 and tell them you are part of the cool crowd. Say you are a guest of Blogger Prom to get the special rate. And as a note to party crashers, all names on the reservations made with the hotel will be verified with our Blogger Prom attendee list. If your name isn’t verified, your card will be charged the regular rate – $245 for the night and no RH credit.

So go ahead. Stay with us. We won’t be calling Mom & Dad to tell them you really aren’t sleeping over at Kevin or Jane’s house watching Mallrats on VHS.

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Everybody Wants To Be At Blogger Prom

Yes, the Save the Dates are out and yes, we have been adding names and blog URLs to our invite list via comments in that aforementioned post. We’re at capacity and while we’d looove to have all of the Los Angeles blogging community there, we simply can’t. This calls for more clarity about what makes one eligible to attend Blogger Prom.

  • You and your guest must be 21+
  • You must have a blog – thereby making you a blogger at Blogger Prom!

While the first is self-explanatory, the second needs some more clarification. Here, we have to go into the “don’ts.”

  • You can’t start a blog just to come to Blogger Prom. We will be able to tell! We want dedicated bloggers to attend and ultimately this is up to the Blogger Prom Committee’s discretion.
  • We love Tumblrs but because of the work we put into the agreements with our sponsors and the reciprocal nature of our event, micro-blogs do not count.

Thank you for understanding. Things with our sponsors are surpassing all of our expectations and we are all so excited!

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Shout It From the Rooftop: Blogger Prom Venue Finalized

Preface: This post is brought to you by my work for the Blogger Prom Committee. Blogger Prom (official blog) takes place on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 in West Hollywood, CA. Free cocktails, delicious food, sweet giveaways, a gorgeous venue and only bloggers in kitschy, cool, weird prom attire. It’s closed to bloggers and invite-only so if you are a blogger and can make it, contact me (esthert at gmail) with your URL via email. “Closed” also entails no more invites once we reach capacity!

As they always say: Location, location, location!! We have finalized the venue of our phat Blogger Prom, and it will be on the rooftop of The Hyatt Andaz Hotel, located right on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.

That’s right – the rooftop. Caroline and I (Esther) made a visit to the space and were absolutely floored – so to speak! The north view is of the Hollywood Hills and the south, The Sunset Strip in all its glory.

Not only that, Andaz will be providing food featuring their very own chef Sebastien Archambault, who hails from France by way of a short stint in Mexico. He procures the menu at the hotel restaurant, RH, with fine detail and is always revising and perfecting. Our blog-happy guests will enjoy a very special Summer Californian menu at Blogger Prom.

Credit to
The Andaz Hotel just finished their serious $35 Million remodel in January of this year so Blogger Prom guests will be some of the first to really experience the “reformed” hotel known as The Riot Hyatt. Yes – this is the famed stop-off where members of Led Zeppelin have rented entire floors and driven motorcycles through the hallways (the movie Almost Famous also recreated these scenes here), Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones dropped a TV off the balcony and Jim Morrison permanently lived for years.

So be ready to enjoy nothing short of a posh, pool-side setting nestled in between some of the best views available in all of Los Angeles. Better wear your bathing suit underneath your cummerbund or sea-green ruffle dress. 😉

Because bloggers are the new rockstars.

Andaz West Hollywood
8401 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, California


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