Being Human

I’m in the process of getting my Humanity back. The Codependency thing just wasn’t flying, anymore.

I recently had an episode, a gift really, that told me that I needed to change some things in my life. Even when blogging is your outlet and a form of it consistently has been the outlet for the past 4 years, there comes a time when things collide and it shuts even that down because you haven’t even begun to wrap your mind around this … thing. Much less, write about it. It’s just that big. It’s huge because it involves my family, the only people I’ve known my entire life. The people who raised me and influenced me–including from afar. I’m peeling away the layers of the onion because these layers have been compromised. They’ve been corrupted, affecting the onion of my being to the core. The basis of my relationship with them and their impact on me, I’ve found out, has not been what I’ve always thought it’s been–but the gift is that now, at 28, I finally see clearly.

There is work to be done.

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The More You Spend, The More You Save

I have a problem with a certain phrase often used in multi-unit marketing slogans: “The more you spend, the more you save.” It’s so overused, in fact, that when I hear it I will immediately be opposed to making multiple purchases (or even one purchase) from that particular retailer.

Shouldn’t it be more accurately, “The more you spend, the more you spend?”

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Buttkicker Will…

…kick your butt!

Hello, everyone. Feel free to look around. 🙂


P.S. – I’ve been made aware twice that the “Flickr” tab looks as if it reads like another, more-aptly-so objectionable word. Roycifer and I will conference, tonight. And get back to you. That is all.