You Are How You Speak/Write

It was a note from upstairs. It was in response to one I had sent up earlier. The verdict to my inquiry? Negative.

The negating adverb used in the one-sentence message was the simple “No.” Good enough. Or not, apparently, because both letters were capitalized, underlined twice … and enclosed between two quotation marks. Just like I used it above, actually, sans capitalization and double underlining.

If I knew how to code double underlining in this post, I’d might have tried to duplicate it if not for fear of being unable to do justice in describing this hand-written “=NO=” as no ordinary adverb. You see, there’s a difference between having no socks and having “=NO=” socks – like if you came out wearing mismatched socks as opposed to no socks at all, I suppose.

I don’t advertise that I’m a bit of a grammar nazi.

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Hand Outs

My car is a mess. Filthy. In a huge, car-conscious (or -dependent, take your pick) society like Los Angeles, it’s either okay or not okay, depending on which end of the “diversity” spectrum you put your stock in: the overly image-conscious end or the self-important, I-don’t-give-a-rat’s-arse end. You can’t forget it also depends on what kind of car you drive to start out with. That is, the shiny, painted base on which to lay the infamous smog and dirt upon.

Curious that I never see any dirty Hummers: H1’s, H2’s, nor H3’s.

There’s so much money to be made from car washes in L.A. – you can see one on each block in the metro area. I used to get my car cleaned at work. That is, when I gave a damn. Sometimes, the parking attendant would have his guys wash a bunch of our cars on Wednesdays, inside the garage. And then about a year ago, my boss says:

“Do you want your car wiped down? Not washed, with water, or anything. I was outside Yum Yum Donuts in The Valley and this homeless guy came up to me and asked if I had a job for him. So I told him to take the bus and come down to Beverly Hills and see if maybe he could polish a few cars off in the garage and we’d pay him.”

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The Receptionist

I’m not one to laugh at another’s expense. Okay actually, that’s a complete lie.

Try again: There are points of amusement that come about because of things people say and they don’t really realize the full magnitude of what they’ve just said. Call it irony. One case in point might be the most recently popular YouTube video being passed around documenting Miss Teen South Carolina performing her public speaking portion of the pageant. She was asked why a crapload of Americans can’t locate the United States on the map (when it turns out the premise of that question might even be untrue). Also, her follow-up “do over” on The Today Show dug her even further into her hole since she had a full weekend to think of her even less impressive answer.

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Bigger Problems In Hollywood Hills

C and I (played 10-minute hooky from work and) went directly across the street to peep the fire in the Hollywood Hills.  Apparently, it was worse–that is, more orange and more brown–just an hour prior.  Nonetheless, we were determined to get our shots and since there were no windows in the hallways of the building, we politely asked what looked like a physical fitness industry marketing company if we could “use their windows.”

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Shout Out For Sprouts

It seems as though sprouts have been “sprouting” up everywhere.  Hold your groans, please.  Hear me out.  They’re delicious.

I don’t mean alfalfa sprouts, although those are the ones you are probably most familiar with.  Those are old news, people.  They pale in comparison to the other kind of sprouts I’ve discovered–if only for the novelty.  I first saw onion sprouts on my best friend B’s sandwich.  She explained that you could get cheap lunch meat at the supermarket but dress it up with some onion sprouts and it makes the whole sandwich taste better.  What a steal, guys.  What a steal.  What’s more, you don’t even have to chop up a friggin’ onion.  I’m sure you agree what a pain it is to chop up onions.

Onion sproutsI was sold.  Onion sprouts are mighty tasty.  And spicy, with a little taste of greenery mixed in.  I have yet to try the broccoli kind, but I like eating broccoli itself so much I doubt I’ll go there–but the onion variety has me as a believer.  I have yet to try other kinds of sprouts, but I’ve heard there’s a plethora of varieties to try.  Exciting.

There was even a pleasant surprise in my sushi combination I ordered for lunch, today.  I found onion sprouts on top of the shredded daikon radish garnish.  Which reminds me that I need to stop by the grocery store and buy some onion sprouts.  Time to get on the food trend train, guys.  I plan on adding them to salads, to sandwiches … I have heard of the broccoli sprouts being added to guacamole dip.  Sprouts are extremely nutritious, too:

“Sprouts are the most reliable year-round source of vitamin C, beta-carotene, and many B vitamins (such as folacin). Sprouting seeds, grains, and legumes greatly increases their content of those vitamins. For example, the vitamin A content (per calorie) of sprouted Mung beans is two-and-a-half times higher than the dry bean, and some beans have more than eight times more vitamin A after being sprouted. Sprouts preserve our body’s enzymes, which is extremely important. Sprouted beans, grains, nuts, and seeds are extremely easy to digest. Sprouting essentially pre-digests the food for us by breaking down the concentrated starch into simpler carbohydrates and the protein into free amino acids, so our own enzymes don’t have to work so hard. Sprouting also removes anti-nutrients such as enzyme inhibitors, and that makes sprouts even easier to digest, further sparing enzymes. Another anti-nutrient is phytates, which is what stops some people from enjoying grains such as wheat. Many people who can’t eat unsprouted wheat find they can eat all the sprouted wheat they want with no problem.”


You most likely can find the Sungarden brand in your refrigerated produce case.  They are also at the Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market on Sundays, with a stand that sells only sprouts. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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