No Way, You’re Kidding!

In Munich, we were recommended to go on Mike’s Bike Tours to see the city. You essentially√ā¬†follow Mike, or one of his counterparts, around the city on bikes for 4-5 hours and he has a little talk on the significance on the major sights. Since it was rainy at least 3 out of the 5 full days we were there, we had a packed schedule on sunny Saturday–the day immediately before we were scheduled to fly back to Los Angeles.

I felt it our duty to visit Dachau, one of the notorious concentration camps during Nazi rule, because you just couldn’t come for Oktoberfest, drink up and have only a merry ol’ time at a festival … and completely ignore the tragic memory of a people who was at one time destined for extermination a few miles away. I couldn’t do it. While reading Oktoberfest history, I learned that the festival was actually canceled from 1939 to 1945 due to World War II. (More on Dachau later.)

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Throwing The Bitch Hat

He, a very nice guy, courteously introduces us. And she smiles at me. It’s the kind of smile where her cheek muscles flex upwards but the corners of her mouthline move only a little. It makes her eyes look smaller, as smiles do. I can’t usually tell if it is difficult for her to smile or if she wants me to think she is, quite frankly, not going to try very hard at smiling.

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