Quofda: Are You A Leader Or A Follower?

A past Question of the Day asks, “Are you a leader or a follower?” I guess the question intrigued me because as with so many, there are never any clean cut answers to this – just as asking this question in different scenarios will never yield the same answer. At the same time, let’s face it. No one wants to be a sheep, though no one can honestly say he or she loved Mussolini purely because he was a “leader.” I think the question touches upon a natural part of human psychology – can you name one person who would volunteer that he wished to be considered a follower?

Of course not. But it’s never so cut and dry as that, though, is it?

In reality, the question asks, “Are you set apart from the masses or are you just another member of them?” Also, “Do you dictate to others or are you dictated to?” – and if you are dictated to – God help you if your “dictator” is anything other than benevolent as you are, by nature, bent to the whim and whimsy of others.

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Quofda: To Set Myself Apart

A few days ago the question on Quofda was, “What set you apart from the other kids in school?

I think that for so many of us, not only during school, but our entire lives we are trying to answer this question. That is, we’re providing evidence that are we valued as people – that I should be valued as a person.  And sometimes – let’s be honest – this means proving that above all others, this is what sets me apart and therefore I deserve to stand apart from or even above the crowd.

It extends to what possessions we have. Now in L.A., all you have to do is look at the traffic and half the cars on the road cost as much as it does to buy half a house anywhere in Middle America. But money is money, and having the ability power to attain such possessions is definitely a race we all run in one way or another.

Once time when I was in middle school, we had a family friend who visited from Hong Kong. He gave my mom a watch and she in turn gave it to me as she already had one. I didn’t and it was a pretty attractive watch, so I wore it. I wore it to school, I wore it to violin lessons and piano lessons – I wore it everywhere. I still remember it. It had a metal band and was gold and silver-striped.

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Quofda: Who Do You Write For?

There are blogs that blog about blogging and there are other blogs that are dedicated to a subject matter … and then there are personal blogs, like this one. And therein lies the answer. I write for myself.

Sometimes that includes writing about myself and sometimes the only component in a post is that it is my opinion coded in html. Then again – that’s a pretty big component – coming from me and all. And so, if I haven’t already, I present this to you: My personal blog. Completely scattered in subject matter and incomplete thoughts flying in, left and right.

The “quofda” is a good question (even a fundamental blogging question) and provides a good occasion to pause and examine my own place in the blogosphere. Why do I write here? And now I will proceed to prove myself wrong.

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Quofda: The World As You Know It

This answers, in a very roundabout way,  a Quofda: “Would you give up reality as you know it to live in a world of your own making, even if it wasn’t real?” This post’s sub-title may as well be, “Why Culture Is Sometimes Just an Excuse.”

To explain my circumventing the question a bit, I think we all have a different reality. At the same time, one’s reality doesn’t invalidate another’s. They are all “true,” in a respect, because we are all real humans. What is your reality? If it got turned on its head, would you be able to cope? Or might you even be relieved?

It is a truly revealing experience having one’s frame of reference completely turned around. I’m not saying it’s easy, because it is everything but. It’s really hard work, in fact. But it’s something you have to do when you realize that your foundation is largely not, nor was ever, reflective of reality. That there’s something better outside and inside of us, outside of the world we were conditioned to accept and adhere to. That we were all meant to enjoy a new kind of liberty – a world that we reconstruct inside our own minds because we were each created uniquely, to be nurtured uniquely and to live uniquely.

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Quofda: Blind Ambition

The question of the day today asks whether I’m living my ambition or living my life. It was thought-provoking enough to attempt expounding upon in a post.

Felt BoardThis is mainly because the way I look at the question, it’s almost as palpable as a felt board presentation in sunday school. “Ambition” and “life” could each be represented by felt circles of varying sizes, one could be contained inside (engulfed by) the other. Or they could overlap, side-by-side. The mass of one might be identical to or completely different from the other.

I choose life over ambition. The amount of felt material used for “life,” I would feel, far surpasses that used for “ambition.” Do we not see value when our lives speaks to many facets? Ambition is good for motivation, y’see, but there is no perspective within which to enjoy the fruits of that ambition without the context of life.

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Quofda: The Best Of Ages

Quofda asked today, “What was your favorite age of living?

I’m going to spare you guys the whole “right here right now, hell if I would ever go back” bit because God knows I wax philosophical enough about my current issues as it is. The year of 2007 really has been my best and hardest year yet because there have been an infinite number of personal truths uncovered. And, having been blessed with that, I am so excited for what the future holds.

So all that being said and excepted, I have to say that the best years have been 6th and 12th. Basically, with the exception of middle school, they were the years in which I was top dog grade-wise in the respective school. College was pretty great, too, but again when it comes to my adult years I would say that the real-world learning and responsibilities that come with it trumps pure bliss, and then the years just start blending into each other. Age is no longer an issue and it becomes one long journey…

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Quofda: Greener Grass, Greener Pastures

On the new site created by the 9rules Triad, Quofda.com (short for Question of the Day, you hussies), they ask question to which people can answer on their own blogs. And that’s the glory of the trackback. Today they asked, “Why is the grass always greener?

It’s an answer to the lack of blog posts on here, lately, since it has become just the inspiration I needed.

If I were a Brit, I would imagine I would answer something to the effect of, “… because complacency is bloody bullocks” in an accent better than Madonna’s.

But like Madonna I’m not a Brit so you get this bloody blog post.

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