Shout It From the Rooftop: Blogger Prom Venue Finalized

Preface: This post is brought to you by my work for the Blogger Prom Committee. Blogger Prom (official blog) takes place on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 in West Hollywood, CA. Free cocktails, delicious food, sweet giveaways, a gorgeous venue and only bloggers in kitschy, cool, weird prom attire. It’s closed to bloggers and invite-only so if you are a blogger and can make it, contact me (esthert at gmail) with your URL via email. “Closed” also entails no more invites once we reach capacity!

As they always say: Location, location, location!! We have finalized the venue of our phat Blogger Prom, and it will be on the rooftop of The Hyatt Andaz Hotel, located right on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.

That’s right – the rooftop. Caroline and I (Esther) made a visit to the space and were absolutely floored – so to speak! The north view is of the Hollywood Hills and the south, The Sunset Strip in all its glory.

Not only that, Andaz will be providing food featuring their very own chef Sebastien Archambault, who hails from France by way of a short stint in Mexico. He procures the menu at the hotel restaurant, RH, with fine detail and is always revising and perfecting. Our blog-happy guests will enjoy a very special Summer Californian menu at Blogger Prom.

Credit to
The Andaz Hotel just finished their serious $35 Million remodel in January of this year so Blogger Prom guests will be some of the first to really experience the “reformed” hotel known as The Riot Hyatt. Yes – this is the famed stop-off where members of Led Zeppelin have rented entire floors and driven motorcycles through the hallways (the movie Almost Famous also recreated these scenes here), Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones dropped a TV off the balcony and Jim Morrison permanently lived for years.

So be ready to enjoy nothing short of a posh, pool-side setting nestled in between some of the best views available in all of Los Angeles. Better wear your bathing suit underneath your cummerbund or sea-green ruffle dress. 😉

Because bloggers are the new rockstars.

Andaz West Hollywood
8401 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, California


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Single in Los Angeles

You may be beautiful. You and I might have great conversation. And I might tell my girlfriends about you (and you, and you) to have them groan when I get to the part that you have a girlfriend.

But don’t be mistaken. It’s not that I’m sad you are already committed. If you weren’t, I would feel obligated to feel more for you than I am capable. Right now. It’s easier. I need easy right now.

I couldn’t lie though and say I wasn’t ever curious if you were single. How old you are. What your passion in life is. What your craft is.

Though I’ve never met her, I respect your girlfriend. The Code is more important than ever. The keeping or breaking of it is our contribution to or detraction from society. Never in the middle. Besides, if we’re a part of something greater than ourselves, this is The Way. If I am the end to everything in my words, my actions, we are all in trouble. I believe that.

This time is different. I’m not lost in transition and just looking to grab onto the nearest thing to attach myself to achieve a sort of false sense of stability or distraction. That wouldn’t be fair to anyone. I know it didn’t stop me before, but denial is so early-twenties. I’ve decided it’s about time to grow up. Besides, I’ve become an expert at distracting myself with myself. It allows me to live out the respect I have for others by not using and abusing them for my own, trivial fancies.

I’m telling you - I am here and I will relish this moment; I have arrived. I don’t need you (or you, or you) – but you’re welcome to contribute if I think you’re worthy. After all, only the most spectacular or stupid (self) can spoil this. I will enjoy this – I am enjoying this – and now I know I will never settle again. I won’t need to, because I will hate you for holding me back, for requiring me to expect less of you. Like I said – it wouldn’t be fair.

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Something To Feel

It was until about a year ago when it was hard to feel; I just didn’t know it.

In Myers-Briggs personality world, you’re either: A thinker, a feeler, or evenly split between the two. I’m officially classified as a thinker, but what the 4-letter diagnosis doesn’t touch is why and how I got to be one, nor because of some things and despite others. Of course, I think a succinct diagnosis is always a good thing. But it’s been a recent crazy exploration of the “F” side of me that has been largely untouched for the other 95% of my life.

Feelings are an unstable phenomenon. You just can’t count on them. Hell if they can earn you a living. But they sure can make you feel alive. And after awhile comes the real danger, when you break the dam of it all. You just might be thirsty to only be alive.

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Live It Don’t Say It

A good guy friend of mine had a dating dilemma recently. The girl, who he took out for the first time, and he meshed pretty well. Cuddling, hand-holding, good conversation, good vibes – all pretty good indicators of a successful date.

So, an obligatory I’m-not-stalking-you-but-can’t-quite-stop-thinking-about-you couple days later, he saw about a second date by giving her a call. Her cell rang a couple times then went to voicemail. A week passed. No return phone call. Another message later, still no answer or call back.

He thought, “Odd.”

The dots just didn’t connect. He recollected the date and tried to think of what could have possibly gone wrong. They conversed well, he remembered. They were compatible, or so he thought. And she was real. She said so. In fact, she had said that she just really “didn’t like fakeness.” She was all about “being real.”

Hold. It.

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Quofda: Who Do You Write For?

There are blogs that blog about blogging and there are other blogs that are dedicated to a subject matter … and then there are personal blogs, like this one. And therein lies the answer. I write for myself.

Sometimes that includes writing about myself and sometimes the only component in a post is that it is my opinion coded in html. Then again – that’s a pretty big component – coming from me and all. And so, if I haven’t already, I present this to you: My personal blog. Completely scattered in subject matter and incomplete thoughts flying in, left and right.

The “quofda” is a good question (even a fundamental blogging question) and provides a good occasion to pause and examine my own place in the blogosphere. Why do I write here? And now I will proceed to prove myself wrong.

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Don’t Take This The Wrong Way

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but…”

There is probably no disclaimer I hate more. How about, “Don’t take this the wrong way but you have inarticulate communication skills?” Or, “Don’t take this the wrong way but using that phrase is indicative of your projecting passive-aggressive behavior onto me?” If you’re trying to absolve yourself of any responsibility that’s attached to anything that comes out of your mouth thereafter, try a more discreet way of doing so.

Or here’s an idea – how about giving the other the benefit of the doubt with a chance to respond?

It’s as if the recipient were to take offense to that which the speaker is disclaiming, then he or she is doomed from the start. It was clearly “taken the wrong way” since the speaker has called it. Now if he were to care less, it doesn’t matter because the verdict was already passed – the speaker has already judged that the other has been “too sensitive” as a pattern and most likely to “take it the wrong way” and so he’s already been judged as defensive. It’s a lose-lose situation. It’s meant to make one win and the other lose.

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My New Year’s Expectations

I suppose that if I had new year’s resolutions that would mean that I have expectations. I’m not saying that I don’t have expectations but to be able to formulate them and articulate them into actual point-by-point resolutions, this time of year over any other, would be an entirely different matter. And that brings us to the futility of this blog post. It’s about the goals I want to have for the new year but not exactly being able to come to terms with exactly what they are.

I will give you that to not have expectations means you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t have goals to meet – nor intervals of time with which to meet that which you haven’t set – it means you haven’t failed. Not having goals is a win-win situation, really.

Or lose-lose. Depends on who you ask.

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Speaking For Whom

Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Maybe, just maybe, we could classify blogs in this manner. Even blog traffic and the aggregation towards the subjects that reflect the lowest common denominator.


Not to say that I haven’t had my qualms with celebrities in past posts. And not to say that I don’t do my share of guilty gossip reading (The Superficial and Go Fug Yourself) from time to time. So yeah. Maybe I should just shut up.

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Crazy Girls

“Well, that’s interesting,” I said. “What is it guys like about crazy girls? Is it in the same vein as being attracted to someone that’s unattainable? You can’t have her if you tried … or, Wow, she’s so unpredictible you just want her more?”

“Naw. I think it’s like, the crazier they are, the more guys are driven crazy or nuts. So, they just think that they love ’em more.”

I understood. “Ohhh… So like, it’s kind of a ‘hurts so much’ -type thing where the emotion is so strong, even though it’s a bad emotion, the drama makes them feel alive and intense or something. And it feels like love for some reason.”


“Got it.”

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I can’t lie. Like everyone, I’ve had a lot of disappointing experiences with human interaction. I dunno, though. Because there are always three sides to the story–my side, the other guy’s side and the truth. Actually, there’s probably more than three sides to the story (probably hexagonal or something), because you got all these feelings involved and everyone’s got that traumatic incident they’ve had at like Age 8 and/or 15 that they’ll never forget. There are always different backgrounds brought to the table. Different values, different fears. A different number or set of parents and siblings surrounding the other. Different friends. Also, different expectations–of ourselves and of other people.

And despite the fact that I try to remain conscientious about this and do my best to love, the best to respect the other person’s situation, I still think sometimes that my side of the story is plain and simple: This other guy’s a cocky bastard.

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