Go Forth and Board

Burton, to me, has always been the over-hyped, over-priced stalemate of snowboarding. As the leading commercial brand of an anti-establishment culture, they inadvertently lumped themselves with the ‘stablishment. They get away with overpricing their boards on the MSRP because people new to the sport don’t know anything else except Burton and those who don’t know anything better (new or old) buy in to the fact that they’re the best. Oh right, and then there’s Shaun White–the most well-known snowboarder in the world and he rides for them. 😉

I’m not saying they’re the worst, but they are certainly not the best value. On top of that, even their tech isn’t really breakthrough, anymore … arguably with the exception of the space-materials, $1000 Vapor. Lib Tech‘s got Magna Tractionâ„¢ (beveled edges) and Bananaâ„¢ tech (concave board shape) now and I hear it’s the hottest thing for holding an edge and buttering, respectively. Luckily I’ll be able to test Magna Tractionâ„¢ out myself–but not before more snow actually descends on Mammoth–on my new Roxy Ally MTX.

(A Roxy board, you ask? Yeah, eat your heart out! They’ve got Mervin Manufacturing behind them now. 😉 )

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Changes Are Good

The danger about living really close (as in 2 city blocks close) to your workplace is that if you’re a procrastinator to the Nth power like me, instead of being late some of the time–or even half of the time–you will be late all of the time, by 5 minutes. Or 10 minutes. But that’s it. And yes, all of the time. That has been my habit, anyway, for a few years now.

Recently, I’ve managed to make improvements in this area. Baby steps. The good news is not so much about my ability to break that really bad habit and get into work on time–it’s that I’ve learned to stop getting ready for that extra 10 minutes so I can walk to work, instead of driving. Sometimes I’ll be 5 minutes late, but have walked instead of driven, to work. If it’s one thing, it’s at least doing my easy share of “becoming more green” (and is much more effective than making the decor of the “Poshest Gas Station in Los Angeles” down the street to include the color green).

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