Nama-Stay: Fairmont Miramar and Exhale Spa Team Up For Free Week of Yoga

Photo credit to lyntally on Flickr

When it comes to The Fairmont Miramar Hotel by the beach, I’m usually raving about FIG Restaurant or covering a food event that has taken place in their driveway circle around one of the oldest trees in the city.

But it’s no secret that the balance to enjoying all the food I write about is physical activity, whichever activity you may be really into right now. While I’ve been attending Pilates classes on the reformer the past couple of years, I’m always applying the principals of yoga not only to that, but also to my minute-to-minute posture and way about moving throughout the day. Yoga is universal.

Luckily, Exhale Spa and the Fairmont Miramar have teamed up this week to offer a special rate to go with a week of unlimited yoga classes. Because who really wants to eat unlimited, heatlamped food at the buffet, anymore? For a special rate of $260 per night, you’ll get this free week of yoga included (until January 8) so you can detox with proper nights’ rest right by the beach.

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Libre Tea Glass: For Loose Leaf Tea On-The-Go

Above depiction not actually how Libre glass works

Once upon a time, I survived without coffee. I never went near the bean; I was true and faithful to the leaf. Even while I was running, I avoided the dark, caffeinated drink. It was strictly tea and vegetable juicing for me.

Well. Those crazy days of mine are over. But I do have reason now to return to that steeped, hot beverage since I recently got approached by a representative over at Libre. She offered me an opportunity to give their product a shot – apparently it was a glass designed to enable you to “drink loose leaf tea on the go.”

Libre Tea Glass-in-poly deconstructed

Hot water? And no tea bags? On the go?

Quite frankly, I just wanted to see the thing – it had to be made of good materials if you were able to port around hot water.

And it is. My version, the glass-and-poly, comes with a glass inner chamber and an outer poly shell. Insulation and protection for your hand, check. The top actually has two parts – two screw caps with the middle portion containing the stainless steel tea strainer to hold the leaves and the outer cap, which traps the leaves and water inside the entire glass. To brew the tea you simply turn your Libre Glass upside down, exposing the water to your loose tea leaves. Neither of the caps contain BPA so your water will never come in contact with it.

The best thing about the Libre Tea glass’ design, though, is the ability to stop brewing your tea whenever you wish by turning or simply leaving your glass right side up. The hot water, in my many times using the glass, stays hot for a fairly reasonable amount of time – probably in no small part by the outer and inner parts being separated by a little air.

Anyway, if you’re looking for more reasons to enjoy tea, you can add portability as well as using less paper with the Libre. I’ve already explained the glass to those at my local Coffee Bean and they pack the tea leaves inside my Libre cap without having to use a tea bag or cup of their own. Studly.

A glass-in-poly Libre will run you $24 while a glass-in-glass will cost $25 (though I’m not quite clear why you’d get a glass-glass one – perhaps for home). Just be aware the shipping does cost $8 – but is probably still worth it if you’re, say, not prone to losing things.

Perfect for Christmas, don’t you think…?

Libre Tea Website

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UPDATE: For one week (Dec 10 – 17), get 20% off a Libre Glass using Closet Therapy Blog Coupon Code!

Pepsi Natural Giveaway


Those of you who were at Blogger Prom got a glass bottle of Pepsi Natural in your goodie bag. Mine’s already gone! What I liked the most about it is that it doesn’t leave that sticky residue on my teeth that regular Pepsi does. Real cane sugar and natural caramel – no corn syrup.

Fortunately, I’m giving away another chance to try Pepsi Natural along with a few other “natural” goodies:

  • Re-usable canvas bag made with 100% organic cotton
  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga mat tote
  • Canvas hat made from 100% organic cotton
  • Includes a 4-pack of Pepsi Natural

To enter, just leave a comment below and you’ll be entered to win. I’ll email you to notify that you’ve won and to get your shipping address – so make sure you enter your email correctly in the commenting field (it won’t be displayed publicly). The giveaway will ship free directly to you! Sorry – only U.S. participants and contest is closed at noon Monday, August 3rd 2009! Winner will be notified Monday afternoon.

I Ran 26.2 Miles One Day

I had faithfully trained for 4 months prior. Beginning with 15 miles over 4 days per week, I increased to 40 miles per week before finally tapering (dropping back to 20 mpw) 3 weeks before my big day. It was an unbelievable experience – and one which I thoroughly enjoyed as I had never displayed such discipline as in my training runs (perhaps even during school). On that fated day in 2005, I ran my 26.2 miles in 4 hours 25 minutes, averaging a little over 10 minutes per mile.

As my running habit had formed, I had developed an appetite and an addiction. I supplemented my 3 large-sized meals per day with 3 bowls of cereal. I ate cheesecake for breakfast everyday. I craved steak on a regular basis. And 3 days after I ran the marathon, I was itching to run again. So like any other day, I put on my Brooks and set out. Only 3 blocks later, my right knee experienced a dull pain. I continued, and the dull turned to sharp. I turned around and walked home, sad.

When you train for a marathon, you traditionally run a maximum of 20 miles in the long run before the actual race – while saving the full 26.2 for race day. Theory says that the full distance is too taxing for the average body to run as a training distance, to be done again a short time period later. It turns out that that was probably true, given my knee pain was a new occurance and never experienced during training, or even during the marathon.

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The Shoulder is Back

About a month ago, my physical therapist ended my bi-weekly therapy appointments just before my final doctor’s appointment. At my final doctor’s appointment, my doctor said, “Still stiff up here at 12 o’clock but it’ll stretch out within the next 6-8 weeks. Don’t go back to physical therapy. It’s been a pleasure,” before sticking his hand out.

I’ve learned a lot from my shoulder injury. To refresh everyone’s memory, it was found that the entire front half of my labrum (cartilage which goes around and attaches your entire humerus/arm bone to your shoulder socket) was torn from dislocating my shoulder while snowboarding. In total, I dislocated it about 5 times from activities varying from changing, hot yoga, bouldering (that was stupid) to snowboarding (again). I subsequently had an arthroscopic SLAP repair performed. Three titanium anchors hold the front part of my labrum to my shoulder socket, now.

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