DryBar Is Anything But: Good Hair on a Budget

Get a blow-out for $35

DryBar in Brentwood may be a place to get your hair blown out, but the place is anything but dry … or boring. It’s the spa treatment on a budget – because before DryBar, the only time you got your hair styled was when you put up with a dramatic hair cut. And on their opening weekend, it was clear that Alli Webb – the female entrepreneur who dreamed it all up – had filled a niche. Bloggers and other Crave LA representatives arrived in our Best of Tours-provided Chevrolets to find the place absolutely packed to the brim – and on opening weekend. Now, what is the big deal?

“No cuts. No color. Just blowouts,” is their motto. For $35, choose from a menu of styles including Straight Up (classic), Mai Tai (beachy), Southern Comfort (volume), Cosmopolitan (loose curls) and Manhattan (straight & smooth). And on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM – 2 PM they’ll comp you a mimosa and croissant for their brunch blowouts. Or get your complimentary cocktail during happy hour by scheduling your blowout on Thursdays through Saturdays from 5 – 9 PM. If you end up loving the place and becoming a regular, packages are also available.

What a fun, cost-efficient way to get away or pamper yourself with friends! The place is expertly designed with white Victorian flourishes and freshened up with a yellow trim. So girly yet energetic! Make your appointment soon, as on opening weekend we had heard they were all booked up!

11677 San Vicente Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Il Sole Menu Goes Rustic on Sunset

There are few, if any, restaurants on Sunset Blvd. I’d unbegrudgingly point visitors to. If they were looking for a home-cooked Italian meal – in Los Angeles, of all places – I might even suggest getting a Chicago or New York visit on the calendar. Il Sole is a place that would surprise anyone in both regards; it’s almost like knowing that secret Italian place on the infamous Sunset Strip. So obvious…so not.

Okay, so maybe a little obvious – or a lot. My roommate – the Ph.D candidate – said, “Oh, you went to Il Sole? That’s like where all the celebrities go.” (The most academically challenging careers often require tabloid dabbling and dumb TV. Understandably.)

Pumpkin ravioli
Pumpkin ravioli

Ah, right. Cue to the press pages spread across the inside of the unisex bathroom – I remember, now. It was a far cry from my own experience one quaint Sunday night, however. I was able to snag parking on The Strip (Strip meters don’t charge on Sunday) prior to dinner and the restaurant was just halfway occupied by couples on dates as well as 6+ tops: group dinners and birthday parties. A comfortably dim yet festive vibe, carefully striking the balance between romantic and home family cooking.

The dishes in their $35 prix fixe menu (one appetizer and one entree) are inspired by Chef Issac Rivera’s travels around Italy and the favorite dishes he chanced upon. On inspiration if not flat-out recreation: “It didn’t take too many tries,” Chef, a veteran of Chef Celestino Drago’s kitchen, confessed about his pumpkin tirimisu. Indeed, the experimentation continues and although there is a menu, Chef Issac stresses that it can be customized. So consult your server about your special requests and curiosities.

Mussels and clams in (red) sauce
Mussels and clams in (red) sauce

The pumpkin ravioli is a favorite at Il Sole, I’m told – and it’s not exactly hard to see why. It’s sweet, it’s savory – even almost like if you were to order it you decided to cheat with a rogue dessert before your entree. The problem was I always wanted the ravioli to be bursting with the filling since it was so good. But restraint is good as is delicacy so I decided it best to be patient.
Another appetizer we got was the mussels and clams - with a white wine-tomato based sauce. Delicious and indeed rustic – if a tad sour but complimenting the shellfish.
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