Legit Ramen “Pops” at Ramen Bull, Breadbar

Spicy Ramen (with ground beef)

Breadbar, with its regular offerings being that of breakfast through lunch, is the site of many a nighttime pop-up. The latest one is curated by a regular of the space, Chef Noriyuki Sugie of Ironnori Concepts. It’s a casual stint to last through September, but as my recent dining experience has shown, Chef Sugie can sure serve up a solid bowl of ramen.

Corned Beef Side

I accompanied Fiona; together, we were able to try the Oxtail and Spicy varieties. Though the gastronomic foam layer on top of the broth intially threw me off (how good can fancy-looking ramen taste?), when I took a slurp I was pleasantly surprised by both the flavor of my Spicy broth as well as the freshness and bite of the noodles.

Fiona’s Oxtail bowl of ramen differed more than just in toppings; her noodles were even a bit different (round and maybe a tiny bit coarser, whereas mine had four sides and were more tender) and the broth had a decidedly deeper, richer taste. My broth was a bit more “mapo,” with tinges of bean curd in the broth. Both were delicious, but I loved mine for the familiarity.

Beef Tongue Side

You can also get the types and toppings of ramen as sides on a plate. The corned beef “is what it is,” so if you’re a bit more adventurous I’d recommend the tongue. The hibiscus and pineapple sodas, a substantial add-on at $4, are housemade and delicious but also a refreshing off-set to the salty ramen.

So stop on by Breadbar on 3rd Street (not to be confused with the other locations) one of these summer nights. Personally, it’s a closer alternative than the trek to my trusty Santouka, and since it’s temporary, it also carries a bit of welcome novelty.

(Vegetarian? They’ve got you covered, too, with the appropriate modifications and omissions. And apologies for that tongue photo in this post.)

All food and drink were hosted.

Mon – Sat until 9/30/11

5 – 10 PM

Ramen Bull at Breadbar
8718 W. Third Street
Los Angeles

Hatchi at Breadbar Goes Peruvian With Chef Ricardo Zarate

Causa at Mo-Chica

Photo credit to tinynancer on Flickr

Breadbar Century City’s monthly Hatchi series continues in January! The “foodie exhibition” of sorts rotates guest chefs for one-off nights so Angelenos can get a taste of everyone. Thursday, January 28, Hatchi will feature Chef Ricardo Zarate of Mo-Chica fame. Contemporary Peruvian tapas will be served, and if the glowing concensus about Mo-Chica is any indication, reservations will fill up fast.

True to its title, the night will feature eight dishes running $8 each. And if you’re smart about things, you’ll dine with at least a couple others so you can try everything on the menu. (Apologies ahead of time if I underestimate your capacity, perhaps, to single-handedly handle all eight by yourself.) Six of the eight will be savory, two will be desserts. Peep the “Peru Mucho Gusto” menu below (still under revision, subject to change):

Cauliflower soup, crispy pancetta, croutons, feta cheese dressing

Trio of Peruvian potato salad
Blue crab, mayo, huancaina sauce
Spicy blue fin tuna, rocoto aioli
Scallops menatiko sauce

Tairagai, uni, sea bass, aji amarillo leche de tigre sauce

Yellow tail tiradito, sundried tomato yuzu dressing

Peruvian sun dried potatoes, pancetta, roasted black cod, chimichurri sauce

Stew lamb shoulder in black beer and cilantro sauce, canario beans, red onion salsa

Flourless chocolate cake, lucuma ice cream, tamarillo sauce

Kiwicha coconut pudding, purple corn essence, mixed nuts

Rarely find yourself in the USC area? Have an unfounded aversion to strip malls or do you simply love quality Peruvian food with a contemporary feel? Make your reservation at Breadbar for Chef Zarate’s turn at Hatchi.

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Thursday, January 28, 2009

6 – 10 PM

$8 per dish; 3 per guest minimum

Call for reservation or visit Breadbar or OpenTable

Breadbar Century City
10250 Santa Monica Blvd. R-2
Los Angeles, CA 90067


Hatchi With Chef Lauvand

Breadbar Century City does it again. Eight & eight – $8 each for 8 dishes that are seasonally inspired and as unique as the renowned chefs who design them. And for one night only it’s Remi Lauvand – formerly of Citrus at Social Hollywood and Le Cirque, La Grenouille, and Montrachet in NYC before that. This last Thursday of September – the 24th – it’s the following menu for one night only:

Charentais Melon, House Cured Tasmanian Trout, Tarragon & Lemon Hatch Pepper Relish
Crisp Pork Belly Salad, Parsnips, Jalapeno Sauce
Foie “ Parfait” Pain D’épices, Black Mission Figs
Hand Made Farfalle, Octopus, Chicken Oysters, Tomatoes
Barramundi, Lady Peas, Watercress, Prosciutto, Basil Jus
Mini Tropézienne, Santa Barbara Pistachios and Chocolate Cracker
Slow Cooked Veal Breast, Carrottes Rissolées, Arugula
Penryn Orchard Pear, Crepe, Sofia Goat Cheese, Young Walnuts

Entitled “Endless Summer,” it sounds like such an interesting, delicious menu. So hurry – make your reservation for this yet one-night event before they run out. Minimum of 3 dishes per person required.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

6-10 PM


Or call:

BREADBAR Century City
10250 Santa Monica Boulevard R-2
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Noriyuki Sugie & The Skinny Bitch Go Vegan at Breadbar

Photo credit to Sygyzy on Flickr

As Breadbar has been enjoying an infinite run of hosting nighttime, culinary one-off successes opposite their daytime operating hours – it was only a matter of time before Chef Noriyuki Sugie (of Tetsuya, Sydney and Asiate, NYC fame) had occasion to come back from his Crudo Bar stint. This time it’ll be as business consultant in partnership with the launch of online “healthful chick lit” site, Healthy Bitch Daily. Kim Barnouin, co-author of The Skinny Bitch, collaborated with Chef Nori for a very special menu that should pique your palette, regardless the orientation of ye –vore. Take a look:

Watermelon Gazpacho, Tapioca Pearl

Broccolini Bruschetta, Kimchi

Smoky Eggplant Caviar, Hummus

Seaweed Salad, Ginger, Scallion-Marinated Tofu, White Sesame Vinaigrette

Kabocha Squash Soup, Asian Pear, Fried Chickpea, Thai Basil Pesto

Sweet Potato Okura, Red Curry Quinoa, Soy Tzatziki

Mole Chocolate Risotto, Avocado Chocolate Mousse

The first hour of the night (from 6 – 7 PM), Kim will give a lecture and sign copies of her book. The rest of the program (7 – 10 PM) is dedicated to serving all 7, 100%-vegan courses on the above menu in a bento-style dinner (Look, ma! No sharing!) for only $30 per person. Tax and gratuity is not included so be sure to tip accordingly. This could very well be genius on the cheap. Since this is a one night-only deal, be sure to make your reservation soon.

P.S. – You know, I’m really disappointed I can’t go to this since I’ll be in New York. Please report back – I’m anxious to hear how it went.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

6 – 10 PM

Cost: $30 prix fixe

Free parking for 3 hours in Westfield Century City Mall

Reserve on Open Table or call to reserve

Breadbar Century City
10250 Santa Monica Blvd. R-2
Los Angeles, CA 90067

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I Ate the Eight: Hatchi With Michael Voltaggio

Japanese tomato tartare, green almonds, parmesan “overeasy,” tapenade powders

It was H.C. of LAOCFoodie who secured the reservation and I jumped on the Twitter call to secure my spot in the Hatchi craze that was – this time – Top Chef and James Beard Award finalist Michael Voltaggio. Other foodie counterparts present included Kung Food Panda, Pepsi Monster, Christine of Folie à Choi Sauce, Hey Hey Scenesters, Follow PK plus many more inside. Kevin Eats, My Last Bite, Betty Hallock of the LA Times – all of which I had the pleasure of finally meeting for the first time (unfortunately not inclusive of Oishii Eats) – had dining room spots. And so did Tony. Yes, they were all seated in the inside of the restaurant while our table of 7 was banished to the outside. As indicative of the service quality bar set for the night – things were so slow that they set us up at a table in the Century City mall. For a temporary post at BreadBar, there were all the excuses available for the service to be slow and disorganized – but I think to the extent that it interfered with guests’ enjoyment of Voltaggio’s art, the service model should be reexamined.

It was a packed night, for sure. If you were so much as paying attention, you’d have realized that you had the chance to enjoy modern cooking or, if you will, “molecular gastronomy” for $8 a pop, 8 times over. Voltaggio, I’ve learned, is my age. Or rather – I am his age? The menu for the night was entitled “An Experience of Texture and Flavor” and I figured – I’ve never been afraid of either.

The plates featured cooking so modern that the egg you see above isn’t even actually an egg. It’s a consistency made from parmesan and sure as heck tasted like egg. The tartare stack tasted delicious. That gooey consistency was heavenly (besides – over-easy is how I prefer my eggs) and the overall dish was light and refreshing.

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Ludo Bites Are From Ludo

It’s time for me to get ultra geeky. This is just the kind of food to get really excited about – and I have to admit, I waited awhile to make my visit to Ludo‘s temporary post at Breadbar and there was a lot of talk in the blogosphere preceding my visit. But I just had to see what all the hoopla was about. Upon actually eating Ludo Bites, though – I saw how it was easy to get excited about these plates. Well. I thought that such “beautiful” food must taste spectacular; I was also amazed that for the better part each plate really did. These bites are meant to surprise you. You will want more at the end of each plate but will be visually enticed directly into the next.

The menu changes evolves daily. Ludo is constantly tinkering and perfecting if not overhauling these plates. The Kumamoto Oysters came in a pool of red cabbage and three carefully-placed cubes of kimchi gelee. The foam, Sam and I were told, comes from the oysters themselves. How delightful, and outright resourceful, I thought. The oysters themselves were extra tender (fresh) and slurpable – if that were proper. But Ludo seems to love fun more than formality. The kimchi added a subtly fermented spice to the mixture. After enjoying the oysters and gelee, I couldn’t stop savoring the liquified red cabbage as its own soup.

Just the same, I savored the chorizo soup before it.

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