Getting Cozy With The Macallan

I’d always been a vodka-tonic kind of person. Clear has been where it’s at. Like so many others, I started with the sweet, girly drinks (Amaretto Sours in college, anyone?) and when I finally realized there’s a better part of me that experiences narcoleptic tendencies I naturally stuck to the clear drinks unless absolutely special. No juice and therefore sugar. It was the safe bet with nil “crash agents” in the ingredients.

Having only one drink regardless of where you go is like having a one-track mind. You could be missing out on really good stuff by people who knew what they were doing. It was my turn to learn the goods. Time to grow up.

Not that much. Maybe I’ll just say it was time to open my mind. And it started with the first time I’ve ever had The Macallan.

And then came the opportunity to host a tasting of The Macallan in Whist at The Viceroy in Santa Monica. Brand Ambassador Eden Algie graciously gave us a lesson in appreciating single-malt Scotch. Bloggers CarolineOnCrack, H.C. of L.A. and O.C. Foodventures, Maya of ShopEatSleep and Julie Wolfson of LAist were on hand to learn and enjoy as were a handful of my friends.

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