Half Moon Bay, CA: Navio at The Ritz-Carlton

Fennel Pollen Crusted Mero Sea Bass

When you visit an outpost of such a well-renowned hotel entity as the Ritz-Carlton, its flagship restaurant has plenty to live up to. And with a location and view right on the shore at Half Moon Bay, the food better be a match to its scenery and splendor. Navio lives up to the task thanks to Chef Sean Eastwood’s imaginative dishes with ingredients sourced from nearby markets, but this is the Ritz-Carlton, and they have come to expect a certain clientele that can afford the high-end ticket – the kind of clientele that also subscribe to the mantra of “location, location, location.” With that: Scenery.

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SugarFISH by Sushi Nozawa Opens Downtown, Makes Eating Quality Sushi Everyday a Reality

Yellowtail Sushi

For awhile now, I’ve been craving sushi. Between engagements, typical and a-typical financial obligations as of late, I haven’t been able to satiate that desire. As it turns out, I simply didn’t know where to go – or had nowhere to go before sugarFISH opened up in Downtown LA a few days ago. Quality fish without the scene or price tag is a rare find, and I’m lucky to have been invited by Lele Massimi, one of the founders, to see exactly what they were up to. After all, this kind of research is expensive. SugarFISH will now be my home base.

Large Sea Scallops, Yuzu Ponzu

Fish is bought daily from the fish market just down the street – a claim that the Brentwood, Marina del Rey and soon-to-be Santa Monica locations can’t make. Even when that market is closed on Sundays, Kazunori Nozawa still hand-picks each cut from the fishermen because he’s an insider (you may know that his reputation precedes him). This is the same fish that you would order for double the price at Sushi Nozawa, and here you will often have first choice of the rarest finds from the market because of this outpost’s vicinity – just ask what the special is. Sitting at the sushi bar isn’t an option – because there doesn’t exist one. SugarFISH is able to sustain – and flourish – at these prices by cutting out the middle-man and preparing all food within the confines of their kitchen.

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