Picks For Fashion’s Night Out Los Angeles

Studio Beauty Mix, Fred Segal Melrose

Tonight’s the night! Exactly a year ago I was in New York during Fashion Week and had an absolute blast during the first ever Fashion’s Night Out. Goodie bags, champagne, cocktails, discounts, free make-overs, cupcakes – you name it. But we’re doing our best here, in LA, so I thought I’d highlight the events going on around town that I would want to hit up.

For the complete listing, just head on over to the Official LA FNO site, which groups the retailers by neighborhood. You can also check out Mondette’s run-down, which expertly and succinctly lists what each store is doing for tonight’s special occasion. The @FNOlosangeles and @FashionWeekLA twitter accounts are also great resources. And while you’re out there on the town, don’t forget to bring your appetite because the food trucks will certainly be out in full force.

I’ll be elsewhere tonight but if I were to make a night out of succumbing my wallet to temptation (and a portal to get me all over town in a jiff), I’d go here:

Custo Barcelona, Beverly Center

  • Free Custo Jelly Bag with $50 purchase. I love Custo’s vibrant designs and mix of fabrics and patterns. Not for gals who are most comfortable with the little black dress.

A Ferris Wheel and surrounding shops, Rodeo Drive

  • I’ve never seen a ferris wheel on Rodeo Drive, so maybe this is just a cheap thrill. Still, Rodeo’s the perfect place to be a tourist in my own city since the price points at many of these shops boutiques shoot my moon. A girl can dream…and canoodle.

Paige Denim on Robertson Blvd.

  • I love Paige Jeans. The store in LA will be giving away a prize every hour on the hour starting 7 PM. If you buy a pair of jeans, you’ll get a Carasoin Spa gift. Refreshments and bites will be served.

The Dandy Warhols play Fred Segal, 8100 Melrose

  • I can’t really argue with putting music in the mix, especially on an occasion celebrating fashion. The Portland alt rock band will be playing a live set. And while you’re there…

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Code Ai Launch Celebrates Longer Lashes

A few weeks ago, I took a picture of my eyelashes. Never a fan of close-ups, I gave exception since it was documentation of the “control” leg of a science experiment. Code Ai‘s hypothesis was that, if applied to the base twice per day – once in the morning and once before bed – lashes would grow longer and lusher. No Brooke Shields, no prescription and no risk of eye color change necessary.

The launch party for Code Ai took place at the studio inside Fred Segal Santa Monica complete with h’ors doeurves, cocktails and a chance at a complimentary eyebrow threading by Marco Ochoa. Unfortunately, I got there a bit late and so missed a complimentary makeup application (because they had since decided the light was too dim) and a threading session. But watching Tara get hers done was quite the thrill.

And I also had fun hanging out with Caroline on Crack and her guest author Shelley, Maya of ShopEatSleep, Natalie – The Liquid Muse and it was good to finally meet cbeanshop, formerly a Twitter buddy, albeit one of my favorites! The lychee cocktails were not quite tasty nor potent unfortunately – so I was happy to sip on some La Parra Loca Sauvignon Blanc, which apparently is available at Fresh and Easy. The h’or doeurves that were passed around were tasty enough, mostly on crostinis.

But back to the product: My eyelashes have been growing – and multiplying – thanks to the Lash Extend Serum! And since using the Brow Boosting Shaper, the bald spot in my right eyebrow has really started to fill in. I even saw results after less than two weeks of unfaithfully applying the Lash Extend Serum (yeah – I am guilty of crashes into bed). I can’t wait to get my eyebrows done when they get bushier! I am of the belief that every girl could use an education about their eyebrows from an eyebrow expert. I learned so much about my own when I visited Elke Von Freudenberg in New York during Fashion Week – I know how to find my arch again and how to counter the funky ways my brows grow.

The event was also a fundraiser for the organization Stand Up 2 Cancer, which has raised over $100 million for translational cancer research. The great thing about it is that Code Ai is completely relevant – with testimonials about cancer patients who have lost their lashes and brows as a result of chemotherapy and subsequently using Code ai to grow them back. So from hearing these stories and from personal experience, I can honestly say that you will get results with Code Ai if you’ve always wanted longer lashes and lusher brows.

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Fred Segal Santa Monica
500 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA‎ 90401