The Fat Cow Soft Opening: You’ve Never Had Mall Food This Good

Fat Cow Interior

The 10-year-old Grove was built to be the Anti-Mall. Everything, from the height of each streetlight down to the exact height of the curb is so calculated so as to appear as if it were…not. It’s a collection of stores within the same structure, but meticulously manufactured to evoke a stroll down the street – with fake snow in the “winter,” to boot. But that is the masterpiece that is The Grove, and its success at that intangibly cozy feel doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon.

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MasterChef Casting Call: Revised Date, Judges Revealed

Imagine Gordon Ramsay with the demeanor of a young lamb

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If you remember the casting call back in December, then you may have been waiting for this. As Squid Ink at LA Weekly reported today, the casting call for MasterChef, Gordon Ramsay’s new cooking show, will be at Sur la Table at Farmer’s Market this Sunday, January 31 from 10 AM – 4 PM [revised from January 30]. The U.K. and Australian import will be on America’s shores via FOX and Sunday, certain Los Angeles know-it-alls will be there to judge just who is amateurish enough to represent our city.

Joan Cianciulli, Neal Fraser, Lucy Lean
Matt Molina (credit LATimes)

Judges will be JoAnn Cianciulli (L.A.’s Original Farmers Market Cookbook, MasterChef supervising producer), Neal Fraser (Grace, BLD), Lucy Lean (editor of Edible Los Angeles) and now Matt Molina (Osteria Mozza, Pizzeria Mozza).

You must be 18 years of age and not a professional chef in a professional kitchen. Read below to see what exactly you’ll be expected to do:

“All casting call applicants MUST bring one prepared dish to be served at room temperature. You will be able to plate your dish at the given casting location. You will be responsible to bring any utensils or other materials you may need.”

So. Who will be at 3rd and Fairfax with their creations on Sunday?

MasterChef Casting Website

Sunday, January 31, 2010

10 AM – 4 PM

Sur la Table
6333 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA‎ 90036

mastercheflosangeles [at] yahoo [dot] com

New Gordon Ramsay Show: MasterChef Casting Call

Gordon Ramsay is looking for the first American MasterChef

Photo courtesy of Guardian

Gordon Ramsay and the producers of The Biggest Loser are now casting amateur chefs for a new cooking show. MasterChef – a show very popular in Australia, according to JoAnn Cianciulli, Supervising Producer – will be heading Stateside in a quest to celebrate great people who make great food. This reality cooking show will be on FOX Network.

The show “will give contestants the opportunity to develop their cooking skills wile being encouraged, mentored and celebrated by the industry’s best and evaluated by world-renowned judges.”

So what exactly does that mean? Experts need not apply. Professional chefs who work in professional kitchens will not be considered.

The Los Angeles casting call is on January 30th January 31st (updated post here), so be sure to apply ASAP and prep your wonderful personality and burgeoning cooking skills for the camera!! Email masterchefcasting [at] gmail [dot] com. Include: name, age, occupation, current photo, contact number and a brief description of your cooking experience and style. Also include the city and state of the casting call you wish to attend in the subject of the email.

Other cities will include:

January 9th: Dallas, Kansas City, New York City

January 16th: Atlanta, Miami, Seattle

January 23rd: Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco

Update on Masterchef Casting Call (January 25, 2010)