Everybody Wants To Be At Blogger Prom

Yes, the Save the Dates are out and yes, we have been adding names and blog URLs to our invite list via comments in that aforementioned post. We’re at capacity and while we’d looove to have all of the Los Angeles blogging community there, we simply can’t. This calls for more clarity about what makes one eligible to attend Blogger Prom.

  • You and your guest must be 21+
  • You must have a blog – thereby making you a blogger at Blogger Prom!

While the first is self-explanatory, the second needs some more clarification. Here, we have to go into the “don’ts.”

  • You can’t start a blog just to come to Blogger Prom. We will be able to tell! We want dedicated bloggers to attend and ultimately this is up to the Blogger Prom Committee’s discretion.
  • We love Tumblrs but because of the work we put into the agreements with our sponsors and the reciprocal nature of our event, micro-blogs do not count.

Thank you for understanding. Things with our sponsors are surpassing all of our expectations and we are all so excited!

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Shout It From the Rooftop: Blogger Prom Venue Finalized

Preface: This post is brought to you by my work for the Blogger Prom Committee. Blogger Prom (official blog) takes place on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 in West Hollywood, CA. Free cocktails, delicious food, sweet giveaways, a gorgeous venue and only bloggers in kitschy, cool, weird prom attire. It’s closed to bloggers and invite-only so if you are a blogger and can make it, contact me (esthert at gmail) with your URL via email. “Closed” also entails no more invites once we reach capacity!

As they always say: Location, location, location!! We have finalized the venue of our phat Blogger Prom, and it will be on the rooftop of The Hyatt Andaz Hotel, located right on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.

That’s right – the rooftop. Caroline and I (Esther) made a visit to the space and were absolutely floored – so to speak! The north view is of the Hollywood Hills and the south, The Sunset Strip in all its glory.

Not only that, Andaz will be providing food featuring their very own chef Sebastien Archambault, who hails from France by way of a short stint in Mexico. He procures the menu at the hotel restaurant, RH, with fine detail and is always revising and perfecting. Our blog-happy guests will enjoy a very special Summer Californian menu at Blogger Prom.

Credit to TripAdvisor.com
The Andaz Hotel just finished their serious $35 Million remodel in January of this year so Blogger Prom guests will be some of the first to really experience the “reformed” hotel known as The Riot Hyatt. Yes – this is the famed stop-off where members of Led Zeppelin have rented entire floors and driven motorcycles through the hallways (the movie Almost Famous also recreated these scenes here), Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones dropped a TV off the balcony and Jim Morrison permanently lived for years.

So be ready to enjoy nothing short of a posh, pool-side setting nestled in between some of the best views available in all of Los Angeles. Better wear your bathing suit underneath your cummerbund or sea-green ruffle dress. 😉

Because bloggers are the new rockstars.

Andaz West Hollywood
8401 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, California


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