First Taste: Superba Food + Bread in Venice Opens Tomorrow

Seared Arctic Char, Snap Peas, Rhubarb, Mint

Tomorrow, Superba Food + Bread opens along Lincoln Boulevard, a little further inland than its counterpart, Superba Snack Bar.

It’s a beautiful space with an open feel and just enough green, canary yellow and white throughout to accentuate its abundance of natural daylight and high ceilings. Whereas the Snack Bar employed delicious pastas, Paul Hibler’s Food + Bread will showcase a vast repertoire of…well, bread. Delicious, gluten-full bread.

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Four Los Angeles Food Events in June You Won’t Want to Miss

Picture credits: TOTNLA, @LA_Chefs

Now that it’s summer in Los Angeles, there’s a ton going on all over town. And when it comes to food events, it’s enough to make your head spin. But you want to play it smart with your time and funds, because no one’s got patience for fluff.

Fortunately, I’ve narrowed it down to the best four events you’ll want to attend this month. They’re all on the weekend, so you’ll have enough time to make your trek. Whether it’s raising money to combat childhood hunger, celebrating Fatherhood the best way possible, eating the best tacos in the city or carousing the famous Rose Bowl for the best bites in Los Angeles, June is shaping up to be an exciting time to be in L.A. Let’s get started. Continue reading

Littlefork Ups Hollywood’s Eating & Drinking Game

Portuguese Mussels, linguiça, beer, chickpeas

While I love living in Hollywood, sometimes you have to acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of living in a town that’s the notorious destination for clubs, live acts, theatre and just plain drinking. And as a resident, I’m so glad that David Reiss’ (A-Frame, Sunny Spot) new place featuring the wares of Jason Travi (Spago, Fraiche, La Terza) is here. Littlefork is a clear selection that sits under the “positives of Hollywood” column. (If you’ve ever eaten at the former Korean BBQ spot, which happens to lie spitting distance from arguably the best concentration of Korean food in the world, I’ll try not to judge you.)

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Fraîche Keeps Things Fresh in Santa Monica

Halibut, Paddlefish Roe, Cauliflower Caviar, Peas, Chanterelle

All photos by Kevin Eats

Japanese Scallops, Braised Pearl Onions, Lobster Glace, Lemon Oil, Orange

Never having been to the Culver City location, I had my first experience at Fraîche  just a couple months after mine at Riva – the restaurant that was formerly housed where Fraîche stands now. It would officially be my second meal with Jason Travi’s protogee Sydney Charles Hunter III at the helm. Of course, I didn’t expect to visit the locale so soon after my dinner with other gals at Riva; at the time I also didn’t know I was dining at a place that would soon close. The surprise, however, was welcome – Fraîche set out to impress the Food Digger crew and succeed they did. The meal was pretty much mind-blowing.

We started out with Japanese scallops with braised pearl onions, lobster glace, lemon oil and orange. A great little seafood taste in which the citrus flavors were the most potent. Combined with the sweet and sour braised pearl onion, it was the lightest take I’ve ever had on a scallop.

Foie Gras Terrine Layered with Prosciutto and Fig Purée, Orange Gelée, Campari Gastrique

I think the following was my favorite part of the dinner: foie gras terrine layered with prosciutto and fig pur̩e, orange gel̩e, Campari gastrique and arugula. The combination of all the flavors together continued on the citrus note with the orange gel̩e. Adding to the richness of the foie gras terrine were the sweetness of the Campari gastrique drops and the sour greenness of arugula. The dish essentially touched upon all corners of my mouth Рhowever many there actually exist. The flavors were absolutely titillating but the textures in the components brought the dish full circle.

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