My LiLo Moment

I get it. Lindsay Lohan is the leggings queen. Whether it’s under a t-shirt, a skirt or a dress that might as well be a t-shirt, she’s got them on. So you win, LiLo. The Miss Leggings USA title is yours. But you know, I have to question your business acumen because I really don’t see the longevity in a business that actually manufactures and sells said leggings. Especially if the point is to create leggings that are more ludicrous than what’s already out there:

Mr. President Leggings

Look at those honeys. You can get quality footless leggings with quilted, padded leather knee pads. And to add the irony of all ironies, the name of this particular style is called “Mr. President.” (I would NOT have expected that sort of innuendo blatancy from a proper lady like Lindsay Lohan.) And you can buy them for only $132.

I can just see girls across the nation saving up their monthly allowances for a pair, itching to wax “Lewinsky in the 2000s” (because blue Gap dresses are “so ’90s”). But too bad, because apparently they are already sold out. Clearly, her business acumen is sharper than mine.


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