Sample Sale at Malo Restaurant: Grease For Your Wallet

Margarita | Photo credit to smohundro on Flickr

Tomorrow on Thursday, June 10, 2010, Malo Restaurant in Silver Lake will be hosting the third of Tiny Bandit’s series of sample sales featuring local threads for men & women. Shop lines from Akiko, Saint Grace, I [heart] Juliet, Jessica Elliot and more. Don’t forget to bring cash for your clothing purchases. Let’s face it: Folks are smart when they employ “retail therapy” with alcohol.

This is not one of those shopping events where you get a gift bag at the end that’s comprised of more flyers and trash than actual schwag. Instead, you get to reap the benefits of $1 tacos and happy hour drink prices ($4-7) until 10 PM. Besides, you don’t really even need happy hour to go til close because you’ll probably be broke by then, anyway. So grab a couple Spicy Cucumber Margaritas and spur on the local economy. Don’t forget the $1 tacos, either – besides, any seat inside Malo is a lot more comfortable than any couch in the mall.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

5 – 10 PM
$1 Tacos, Happy Hour drink prices

Flyer (Cash only sale)

4326 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90029


Trek to Redondo: Ortega 120 Tasting

I don’t usually touch the South Bay. Yeah, I’ve said it. It’s tough to find occasion when there’s so much to explore north of LAX. I may have found that occasion now.

Ortega 120, located in Redondo Beach, is a good reason to visit. Maya of ShopEatsleep and I attended a tasting there and every corner I turned, I found a fresh, unique perspective in each bite. Their margaritas were some of the best I’ve ever tasted thanks to real juices and Partida tequila; each bite tasted a little bit like home. (I am not Mexican.)

I’ll say this off the bat: Ortega 120 know how to do media dinners. The margaritas, courses, cocktail courses and the like kept coming. Cofounders Demi Stevens and Thomas Ortega were on hand to give our meal a personal feel – and somehow I can believe that they’re around to do so with all their guests.

We started with a Taco de Atun Crudo (above) which was filled with Ahi Poke yellow fin tuna, roasted corn, mango, cilantro, roasted red peppers, chili oil and chili crema fresca and topped with guacamole. It was an appropriately light starter and I thought the guacamole brought out the flavor in the poke pretty nicely. The taco was paired with the a pomegranate ginger margarita – and although we all had at least a full glass of the house margarita still, our apéritif – I honestly think these margaritas could be paired with any dish since they were all so fresh. Only juices, no sweet & sour. No sugar, only agave nectar – which doesn’t give you that wired nor crash & burn feeling like sugar. 

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