Troublemaker For A Day

I decided to take the opportunity this week to play hooky from work to pose like a Weezer fan and participate in the video shoot of Troublemaker. And I’ll be honest here: I like the band but I haven’t really loved ’em. I guess the disadvantage bands might have with me is that when they achieve instant commercial success from the debut album, I’m never given the chance to get intimate with their music privately. My possessive self has to deal with sharing the music with everyone and their mother – including people who wouldn’t ordinarily be scoping out the “good” music from the mediocre.

This =W= holds the world record for the largest logo made of nachos.

Then again, I think about it and realize that sometimes that’s the ungrateful L.A. scenester in me. Because that’s only been true since I’ve become local to this area. “So many things to do, so many bands to see,” as they say. So while you could also argue that the music scene is a little bit diluted in L.A., there’s always a silver lining when you come to events like these and get the chance to observe the diehard fans in all their glory. I noticed fans drove all the way from Sacramento to be a part of this shoot, even Las Vegas. And we only got the confirmation email the day before.

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