The Amalfi Coast Was Toast

Our Fiat Panda

 By the time we picked up our little Fiat Panda from the rental car place in Naples, I had heard about the fabled drive along the Amalfi Coast. A week prior in fact, a client had tried to convince me not to drive. After telling me of a couple horror stories of his own (from his tour bus), he finished with, “If I scared you, then I’ve sufficiently got my point across.” One lane wide streets shared with tour buses, hanging cliffs dropping off to the sea, hairpin turns opposite locals on scooters, blind tunnels with drivers paying no mind to the lane paint. He told me, “Stop signs are ignored and stop lights are merely a suggestion to Italians, e*star.”

I thanked him politely for the warnings–and made no cancellations to the car reservation. The beautiful views of the sea and having the leisure of our own timeline and itinerary made me stubborn. I was determined.

Besides, I knew my days dabbling in canyon carving hadn’t gone completely to waste. If one knew the basics of driving physics, how could she go wrong?

The Amalfi Coast was toast.

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