Boneyard Bistro Doesn’t Hold Back

First, it was a review on a South Bay establishment and today, we have one in The Valley. Sherman Oaks, that is. As they say, it’s good to stretch yourself. Expand one’s own boundaries. And what a great place for BBQ, at that. I would make the drive – after all, it’s always better to take a Canyon road than mess with the freeways – at least where I’m coming from.

I accompanied fellow food bloggers Mattatouille, FoodGPS and John of SocialDomain in the quest for BBQ. It was a Monday, and all brews are 1/2-off. This is a splendid place to enjoy such price discount because Boneyard Bistro‘s brew list is quite impressive – 120 to date, and from what it sounds like the list has just kept expanding with no signs of stopping. But more about the brews later.

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