Checking Out The Parish With Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Fried Chicken, Grilled Peaches, Tomatoes & Currant Vinaigrette

My 2-day crash course in all restaurants Casey Lane was a bit of an accident. I scheduled a business brunch at Tasting Kitchen on Venice’s Abbott Kinney while not realizing that a media lunch at his new, cross-town joint, The Parish, was to take place the next day. But I found no coincidence in the fact that both places serve stellar food – Downtown Los Angeles should be so lucky to receive such an addition by Casey, who brought the concept of farm-to-table to fruition before the term got hackneyed. (Soon, Melrose will get their own dosage in Itri, a pasta shop.)

Scotch Lace with Glenrothes Select Reserve

While I missed the one-month-ago opening since it was during Tales of the Cocktail, I was lucky to have gotten my first taste at a Glenrothes Scotch Whisky lunch. (As this was a special event, The Parish isn’t open for lunch – but it seems as though they are aiming for breakfast service in the near future.) What a treat it was to have tasted The Parish’s stellar food alongside one of the top three Single Speyside Malts in different vintages: 1998, 1988 and, ultimately, the 1978.

We started out with a Scotch Lace, John Coltharp’s variation on a whisky sour, but utilizing Glenrothes Select¬†Reserve with a splash of Rose. It was super refreshing (especially since I had Metro’ed and biked there)¬†without much tartness at all.

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