White Trash Tasting

There are tons of special event wine tastings that I’ve passed up, most likely because I was lazy or they sounded run-of-the-mill. But when I heard – thanks to Caroline – that Colorado Wine Co. in Eagle Rock was pairing wines up with “white trash” foods, I couldn’t resist the opportunity. Unique and ingenious, I thought, in this day and age of Anti-Elitism. Because I may live in the “fake” parts of the United States, but you can’t ever say I ever forgot where I came from. (Then again, the Midwest isn’t really White Trash country; I tend to regard it more as the White Ghetto. There’s a difference, y’see? It’s more Harley-Davidsons and General Motors than Haulmarks.)

Apparently, this was their 2nd time holding the event and it definitely did not disappoint.

I had a great time with HC of LA-OC Foodie and Caroline. Luckily they arrived earlier than I did and were able to snag a table for us three to sit comfortably. And the 4-course menu?

  • Bouffèes de Fromage avec Denis Pere & Fils Brut, Burgundy, France – $24.99/bottle

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